August 20, 2018

2 years after mother and son disappear, police visit grandmother's house and find a hidden wall

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For two years, the little boy was officially listed as missing person. His mom took him and vanished without a trace, and the father was unsure if he would ever see his son again.

Michael Chekevdia and Shannon Wilfong divorced in 2007 and the legal battle for the custody of their son, Richard of only 4 years, became somewhat intense.



by ABC News, although Shannon claimed that his father was abusive, it was he who won the battle and stayed legally with little Richard.

Shannon was clearly not satisfied with the decision and took the case into her own hands. He traveled to Illinois where they both lived and took Richard, who then went to look for them but found the house empty.


Terrified, thinking that he would never see his son again, he called the police and notified him as a missing person. For two years they looked for them but nobody could locate Richard or his mother. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa


There was only one place to look, the home of Dianne Dobbs, mother of Shannon. However, on a first visit that police made to the place, they could not find anything to help them find the whereabouts of the boy and his mother.

Two years passed and in 2009 they had a new track when the police received an anonymous call. Upon returning to Dianne's house, the authorities found Shannon and Richard hiding in a room hidden behind a wall.


It turns out that his mother kept him hidden when people went to the house and only let him go out at night. In addition, the house had dark curtains and covered windows, and Richard had never had contact with other children.

Both women were arrested and sentenced in 2011. However, Wilfong was only a month in prison and Dobbs only 12 days.

Finally, Richard stayed with his dad, who took over. However, Dobbs insists that the boy was only in that room the day the police arrived and that outside of that he had a normal life and was home-schooled.