August 22, 2018

Unleashed pit bull attacks and nearly kills small dog on a walk with its owner

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A Pit Bull’s deathly attack on a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, named Buckles, was caught on camera. The police are now on a lookout for the owner of the unleashed pit bull.

According to ABC 7, the 5-year-old spaniel was on a walk to the park with its owner when they happened to cross path with a pit bull on the corner of 180th Street and Pinehurst Ave in Washington Heights.

The co-owner of Buckles, Aby, told the source that the pit bull came directly onto them and “latched on” to her dog. The pit bull directly went for her dog’s throat and would not let go. In the aftermath of the encounter, even Abby got some scratches on her caused by the pit bull.


In the meantime, few of the people passing by helped with one other woman finally separating the dogs. Unfortunately, the pit bull kept circling back and attacked once again on Buckles’ legs.


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Finally, one man appeared and leashed the pit bull, and took it away without saying a single word to Abby or other strangers who were involved in the chaos. Meanwhile, Abby took Buckles to the vet.

In the attack, Buckles’ jaw was destroyed and completely disfigured, the source confirmed. Doctors performed reconstructive surgery on the dog and placed wires and tubes in its jaw.


The dog would soon recover but the owners fear for a long-term impact on Buckles. They are worried that it will be fearful and scared for the rest of its life. 

The full video of the pit bull's vicious attack was posted by Yahoo (the video contains graphic images).

The source further informed that Buckles is a rescue dog, who has already suffered abuse from its previous owner.


The attack might further destroy what little trust he had finally begun to develop toward its current owners, Abby feared.

In a similar incidence, another unleashed pit bull was also caught on tape attacking a smaller dog, a French Poodle, in the Tabacalera neighborhood of Cuauhtemoc, Mexico.

However, in this incidence, the dog’s courageous owner quickly intervened and fought off the pit bull with his bare hands to help his powerless dog.