Woman slaps shot girl's butt in a bar but gets instant karma

A New Orleans barmaid attacked a woman for slapping her backside while she was giving a male customer a strange routine involving cinnamon whiskey, slaps, and ‘motor-boating.’

The video uploaded to YouTube took place in Spirits on Bourbon in New Orleans and shows a barmaid, dressed in split red latex trousers, a red T-shirt, and sunglasses entertaining a male bar-goer while another woman comes up behind her to slap her posterior.

The shot girl stops mid-pour and turns to the woman, enraged. Fuming, she seems to strike the woman three times on the face before a man intervenes.

The woman, who was punched, seems shocked by the sudden reaction of the barmaid. She is ushered out of the bar by a man and the shot girl returns to her pouring routine.

Source: YouTube/News Leak Replacement

Source: YouTube/News Leak Replacement

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The strange routine is believed to be a tradition in the bar. It involves the shot girl, or the barmaid, entertaining a guest seated in a revolving barber chair by pouring liquor into their mouth, occasionally slapping, and rubbing her breasts in their face.

Source: YouTube/News Leak Replacement

Source: YouTube/News Leak Replacement

The man in the barber’s chair, Tyler Gamble, seems equally shocked by the barmaid’s sudden reaction. He later took to Twitter to post the video and captioned it as: ‘Just wanted a shot of fireball.’

The surprising tradition is apparently a highlight at the Spirits on Bourbon. The bar’s official website boasts that a visit ‘isn’t complete without a shot on Edward’s Barber Chair!’

The chair belonged to the former owner of the bar, Edward DeBoire, who apparently died at the age of 33 due to ‘the free-flowing drinks and beautiful Creole ladies,’ the website further informed.

In a similar story regarding a playful act gone bad, a barber manages to get a hilarious revenge on a kid who pranked him by placing a cockroach in his shop. The popular video has gone viral with more than 500,000 views.

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