Man captures shocking CCTV footage of unwanted guest living in his home

An unknown woman had been secretly living in a storage vent of the apartment owned by a man named Joe Cummings, who found out that she had set up a small area for herself, and had been hiding for more than a couple of weeks.

Joe Cummings, an actor by profession, shared a video on YouTube of a woman climbing out of the storage area in his apartment in Manhattan in 2009.

After climbing down, the woman can be seen helping herself to food and drink from the actor's refrigerator and what looks like a small pantry. 

Cummings had begun to notice food vanish from his kitchen and he was baffled by it because the only other person that shared the apartment was his girlfriend.

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When the missing food saga continued, Cummings questioned his live-in girlfriend if she had anything to do with it, but she was as puzzled as him by these occurrences.

So, to solve this mystery once and for all, Cummings set up a hidden camera in his living room one night and was shocked by what he saw in the footage.

He discovered an unwelcome guest living in his New York apartment. The woman can be seen climbing down the loft and landing on a table below.

Source: YouTube / biljj nyc

Source: YouTube / biljj nyc

She then bends down from the table and takes out one of the two stools placed under it. She gets down from the table by carefully putting her feet on the stool. 

The woman was the one stealing his food and beverages, and the video also captures her peeing in his kitchen sink. 

The disturbing footage had quickly gone viral and now has more than 17 million views on YouTube. 

Cummings has assured in the description below the video that it is authentic because a lot of viewers believed it to be fake. 

After the actor saw the footage from the camera he had installed, he immediately contacted the police. The woman was taken away by the police, according to the description he posted with the video. 

Source: YouTube / biljj nyc

Source: YouTube / biljj nyc

He also wrote that the woman might have gotten into his apartment through the window. Cummings said he lived on the top floor and there was a fire escape in his building too.

According to Cummings, the cops felt that the woman had come to his apartment with the intention of stealing, but when she saw the space, she decided to hide there instead.

The police officers also added that the woman might have been living in there for two weeks or more. 

The police also told Cummings that they do come across these type of cases every once in a while. 

Another CCTV footage showed a teenager, identified as Lucas Gary Narkle, attempting to push his 14-year-old girlfriend towards an oncoming train forcefully.

The incident occurred at Elizabeth South station in Adelaide, Australia, in October 2017, according to the Mirror and the horrifying incident was recorded by the CCTV camera installed in the station. 

Source: YouTube / biljj nyc

Source: YouTube / biljj nyc

After being taken into custody, 19-year-old Narkle faced the South Australian District Court. He had earlier pleaded guilty after he was charged for endangering the girl's life.

The court concluded that the 14-year-old girlfriend of the accused was “holding on for dear life” as Narkle was dragging her. 

It was also reported that the teenage boy was armed with a baseball bat at the time of the incident but did not use it. 

After Narkle was arrested, he spent above three months in prison before he was granted bail by the Supreme Court in February 2018 and was scheduled to be present in court for his next hearing. 

Hidden cameras are handy as a teenage girl’s father learned. When he came to know that a stranger was stalking his daughter on Facebook, he devised a plan to expose the culprit by installing a hidden camera.

The anxious father, from Oklahoma, executed a detailed sting operation to unmask the identity of Jeremy Dewayne Gibson, who is allegedly a sexual predator. He was after his 15-year-old daughter on Facebook and came over to the family's home.

According to Relay Hero, the father discovered the suspicious behavior of the man through an application called FamilyTime, which is used to track mobile phones. 

When he realized that Gibson had plans of coming over to meet his daughter at their home, he enlisted the help of his wife and cousins.

He installed a night vision camera in his backyard and sent his wife to the tent and pretended to be his daughter, while he waited with his cousins. 

The men jumped on Gibson when he arrived and tied his hands and feet with zip ties. They then handed over the predator to the authorities.

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