Man disappears through a stand-alone door and leaves onlookers baffled

Jaimie-lee Prince
Aug 30, 2018
07:55 A.M.
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Pranks will never get old on the internet. Whether they're classic or new, pulled on family, friends, or strangers, netizens seem to always enjoy a good prank.


This disappearing act is no different. The so-called magician set up the act on a playground in front of a lone bench. One at a time, people sat down and witnessed the baffling display.

In the video, which is found below, YouTube user MagicofRahat first explains how the stunt is pulled off. Then the fun begins as we see each person's puzzled reaction.

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The magician placed a random white door on the grass. He then walked through it, and when the door closes, he's gone. One lady's mouth remained opened for quite a while when she saw what happened.

Another man laughed and said, "No!" while pacing back and forth in pure shock. Still another older man went right up the door to investigate what he'd just seen, referencing a "black hole" as an explanation.

A few other witnesses simply walked away, wanting nothing to do with the unbelievable event.


In early August 2018, a much more terrifying prank was pulled off on 10-year-old Vita DiPalma. The young boy's barber Sannicandro got back at DiPalma for placing a cockroach on a counter which scared his barber.

In good-natured retaliation, Sannicandro pretended to snip off the poor boy's ear by pressing scissors into his ear, opening a package of fake blood and using a rubber ear.

DiPalma called for his mother when he saw the rubber ear that fell to the floor, believing it to be his own. But before he got too alarmed, his barber let him know it was all fake.


And in June 2018, celebrities got in on the pranking fun too. Britney Spears' son, Jayden James pulled a classic scare prank. He apparently sneaked into his mom's room while she was sleeping and stole her phone.

In the Instagram video, he tells the camera how she forgot her phone while she went shopping earlier. He then moves closer to the walk-in closet and yells loudly to scare Spears.

Spears is a little startled but remains composed. She screams back, "Jayden!" gives a quick smile before pointing at him and saying, "Not funny."