August 30, 2018

Man performs stunning backflip from a sitting position and continues to tumble

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The excitement around him made it clear that he was about to attempt something spectacular, with a group of children cheering him on and clearly holding up video recorders. 

The man, identified by Unilad as Dominique Lewis, looks completely at east sitting on the mat, almost as if he were about to get up and play catch with the children, rather than pull off an incredibly impressive stunt such as this. 

As he seems to be getting ready to go, someone - presumably not quite yet ready at the camera - stalls him as they get ready. 

He seems half exasperated at the delay, but just a second later he's being cheered on, and launches into his impressive display of tumbling ability. 


From his seated position, he throws himself backwards with immense strength, flipping himself over in mid air. But he doesn't stop there.

Lewis keeps going, turning it into a combo as he throws in another few backflips, even adding three one-footed flips into the mix before running out of mat. 


It's not the only trick in his repertoire, with the gymnast showing off some more amazing skills in another videos posted to his Instagram account. 


Lewis shows his mistakes that are made during the learning and training process, but he also shares what it looks like when everything goes just right. 

A half-layout, backwards double pike, two more single backflips, and full and a half twist layout earns him a cheer from the sidelines, landing smoothly on both feet. 

Lewis hails from Port Huron, Michigan, just south of the Canadian border.