John Wayne’s gorgeous granddaughter proved she has an angelic voice with her magnificent singing

John Wayne was one of the legendary icons of American movies, appearing in some of Hollywood's biggest films. His legacy will continue to live not just through his films but also because of this heart-warming tribute by his granddaughter, Jennifer Wayne.

Jennifer performed a song in honor of her grandfather during the Newport Beach Film Festival, and the video of the performance was shared on YouTube on June 8, 2007. 

In the video, she was introduced on the red carpet of the film festival by her uncle Patrick Wayne, who announced that she would be performing a couple of songs at the gala ceremony.

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Jennifer had written the song “God Bless John Wayne,” and the lyrics of the song talk about everything that John Wayne was and the influence he had on her life. The talented singer also sings about the millions of fans of the late actor.

Jennifer composed the song in honor of the famous Hollywood actor's 100th birthday.

She starts off the song with by singing, “He comes in with two guns blazing / The only man with true grit / He saves the day / He gets the girl / And rides off into the sunset.”

As the song progresses, it takes on a deeper meaning. It reminds people of the important things in life that the actor taught his fans through his movies. 

John Wayne stressed the importance of loving one's family, differentiating between what was right and what was wrong, among other things, Country Rebel reported. 

Jennifer is a multi-talented person. She is a singer and as well as a songwriter, and the video shows how gifted she is. It seems like talent runs in the family. 

Her touching tribute to her grandfather was well received not just by the audience who watched her perform live, but also by the many people who viewed it online. 

There was a hidden talent in actor Patrick Swayze. He sat with Larry Gatlin to perform their cover of “Love Hurts.” The event was held in honor of Roy Orbison.

Swayze certainly surprised everyone with his vocal skills during the Roy Orbison Tribute Concert for the Homeless in 1990.

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