Waka Flocka's mom shares video with much younger man who's almost the same age as her son

A new video of Waka Flocka's mother reveals she's dating a much younger man. He's reportedly a few years older than the rapper and intends to enter the music industry. 

Waka Flocka’s mother Deb Antney is a powerful woman in the music industry and she apparently also has the power to snag a man who’s 20 years younger than her. A recent clip posted by the music mogul revealed her spending time with the much younger man and they appeared to be starting a “new beginning” as Deb indicated in her caption. 

News of Deb’s 36-year-old flame hit the headlines this week when photos of the two of them emerged. The man who has yet to be named is reportedly looking to enter the music industry and what better way to do that than to hit it off with Deb who’s an entertainment manager and owns Mizay Entertainment. 

In the short video Deb shared recently, the pair sat side by side in what appeared to be a restaurant. Deb says, “okay, we start all over” as her younger boyfriend appears in the frame and smiles. She captioned the photo, “new beginning” though it’s unclear what it means. 

Deb’s son Waka hasn’t commented on his mother’s new boyfriend but he may have an opinion considering the man is just four years older than him. 

Meanwhile, he does have something to say about his music and how it led him to finding inner peace and happiness. Noisy Radio has just announced the rapper will be opening up about this in their upcoming episode. 

Apart from his music, Waka also finds joy in his stepdaughter, Charlie. Last month, he shared a photo of the two of them bonding over braids. While Waka sported his signature do, Charlie wore hers in chunky fashion and dyed it yellow. In his caption, Waka thanked Charlie’s mother Tammy Rivera for introducing Charlie into his life. He also said he would “give up my own life to see y’all smile.”

Let’s hope Waka feels the same way towards his mother now that she’s dating a man closer to his age. 

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