Breathtaking video of girl duo burning up the stage with incendiary clogging performance

In an impressive display of rhythm and uniformity, the two girls moved about the stage to the applause of the watching audience. 

Morgan and Madison Mallum competed in the 2013 Clogging Champions of America - Showdown of Champions in Knoxville, Tennessee, together, and showed just what the sport is all about. 

Although its origins are actually in Ireland, the modern dance enjoyed by many Americans has taken on a life of its own, and even the music is more country-Western than Irish these days, and the old wooden shoes have been dropped. 

It has become such a popular pasttime in parts of the country that there are local and national competitions, and that is just what these girls decided to do with their talents: Take them to the big stage. 

The duo chose Keith Urban's song "Hit The Ground Runnin'" for their well rehearsed routine, and dress the part in crisp white pants, brown checkered shirts, and black clogging shoes. They both tied their curly hair back into ponytails, ready to bob to the music. 

With the crowd cheering for them before the music even started, the girls stood on the stage with their backs to the audience, waiting for their practiced cue. 

As soon as they heard it, they whipped into motion, using the entire stage with perfect synchronization as they stepped, jumped, and twirled. 

Not only did they step in perfect time to one another, but they also did plenty of dancing holding onto one another, expertly twisting and twirling through one another's arms as they moved across the stage (without managing to get tangled up).

By the end of their performance, the crowd with up in arms applauding their dancing, with an excited flash of cameras also capturing their final pose. 

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