Bizarre video of man 'caged' in a horse trailer being towed by truck goes viral

A viral video of a black man spotted at the back of a trailer truck carrying horses has many wondering what his story is. The woman who recorded the sighting shared the video as she sought for answers to explain what she saw.

Two women who were driving along I-84 in Pennsylvania noticed something peculiar about the trailer truck beside them. A man at the back of the trailer was staring out the window while he was surrounded by horses inside. 

Suspicious, one of the women recorded the man in the truck and panned to the driver who gave her the middle finger. She then posted it on her Instagram account under the handle @sommealien and expressed her confusion.

“I’m genuinely CONFUSED right now. I stumbled upon a man in the back of this Horse trailer surrounded by horses. I reported it to the police. Is this normal? I need someone to let me know ASAP. I hope he’s okay. #Getout #humantrafficking#humantraffickingawareness

Meanwhile, activist and journalist Shaun King also posted the video on Twitter in order to find answers for the strange video. 

“I need answers. This was filmed in NY, but the trailer has NJ plates. Something’s off. So many peculiar things going on here. The Black man riding in the horse trailer seems confused and distant. His finger nails. The driver giving the middle finger.”


The post generated theories from commenters who tried to explain the man’s situation. One responder said it was possible the man was an attendant for the horses but seeing the size of the trailer and the window, she had her doubts.

“In LARGE commercial horse hauling operations (semi trucks with box stalls), there is an attendant in the trailer to watch over the horses. In this size rig, no, it is not legal. Also, that window is weird. I think it is an enlarged widow with the wire and wood…The wire wood window is not a side loading ramp or an escape door. Wrong place. So very wrong and bizarre.”


The woman who took the video tried to do a good deed and took the license plate number of the truck in order to assist the police she alerted to track the trailer. In an update she shared following her post, she said she called three different police stations but they could not locate the truck. She also asked her followers to help share the story so it would get to media outlets.


The woman though wasn’t spared from those who criticized her actions. Some said she wasn’t doing enough while others slammed her for easily assuming human trafficking was involved as one commenter pointed out. 

“… In the horse world (esp. racing) this isn’t abnormal. It’s obviously strange now days but it used to be that an important horse went nowhere without a groom in the box (trailer) and particularly because this is an older black gentleman, I’m guessing that he is just keeping up an old tradition. The thing is locked because well, He’s back there taking care of the horses and nobody else needs to be in there. Those people driving are probably a transport company, and he belongs with the horses. So it’s likely that even the drivers are unwelcome to interact with the horses. Yes it’s weird, yes it’s dangerous, and nobody really does it anymore, but it’s not trafficking …”

An irate commenter also accused her of making accusations just because she saw a white driver and a black man behind the truck. 

“First of all if it were HUMAN TRAFFICKING none of you would know or see him. And if so, do u really think the driver would be nice enough to give him air and a window to sit by??? Idiots! Also, many times I’ve seen someone sitting in the back carriage with the horses while someone drives and I live in NJ! The only issue you [expletive] have is that the passenger is black and the driver is white! He flipped them off cuz if you PAY ATTENTION hes trying to switch lanes and the ignorant folk recording and making something out of nothing are blocking him! I hate people I swear!”

Lucky for the woman, she had more commenters who appreciated what she was trying to do. 


A similar situation occurred last year. A white man was spotted driving a white Isuzu bakkie with a black woman sitting at the back inside a cage.  In a photo that went viral, the woman’s head was bowed down. Upon investigation, it was discovered the woman had hitched a ride with the white man and his wife. She refused to sit with them inside the vehicle and opted to sit at the back where the cage was already in place to be used to transport livestock. The woman was not available for comment. 


Meanwhile, a grandmother in Memphis was arrested in June when she was caught on video transporting children in dog kennels. A concerned citizen filmed her as she let her granddaughter out of the dog cage. Authorities were immediately notified and soon the grandmother was arrested even after her grandchildren defended her saying they got into the cages because there was no more room for them in the back seat of the car.

The grandmother didn’t deny what she did and confirmed her grandchildren were inside the kennels throughout a 35-minute drive. Temperatures were high that day reaching up to 95 and there were no air vents. The 62-year-old’s neighbors were shocked when they heard about her arrest knowing she was a caring grandmother. 

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