September 20, 2018

Here's 7 things you probably never knew about John Wayne’s 'McLintock!'

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One of the most successful movies among John Wayne filmography was ‘McLintock!’ where he starred opposite Maureen O’Hara.

While the movie itself might be one his most famous, there are several lesser-known facts about the movie that rarely comes up.

As a loosely-based adaptation of Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew,” this Wayne classic is a Western which sees the actor playing the role of a cattle, timber, and mining baron, George Washington ‘G.W.’ McLintock.

Here are some of the rare facts about the movie, gathered together by Country Music Family, that should impress even the most devout “McLintock!” fan


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1. Wayne’s son produced the movie

The star’s eldest son, Michael, was the sole producer of the movie. It was actually the first ever movie that he fully produced despite having worked on many other films in the past.


2. Wayne insisted on casting one of the actresses

Yvonne De Carlo who portrayed the role of Louise Warren, a widow who moves into McLintock’s home with her two children, was cast on the film upon Wayne’s insistence. She would have never been cast in the role if not for Wayne.


3. Wayne wanted to do a stunt because it looked fun

One of the stunts required Wayne to jump from a hayloft down into a pile of hay. The stunt seemed fun to Wayne and he announced that he wanted to do it himself.

The studio didn’t agree to the idea at first because Wayne was one of the brightest stars in Hollywood. However, he won the argument in the end and did the stunt anyway.


4. There isn’t mud in the famous mud hole brawl scene

If you loved the movie, then you definitely loved this famous mud hole brawl scene. However, the "mud" in the scene wasn’t really mud at all. It was, in fact, a material called bentonite that was used for creating mud like substance.

5. It’s the second and last film containing Wayne’s famous use of the word, "Pilgrim"

Wayne’s fans know the actor is famous for saying the word in his dialogs. But there have only been two movies where he has used the word. He said it first in “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” and then in “McLintock!” and, that too, only once.


6. Maureen’s Stunts were performed by stunt double who was male

Like Wayne, Maureen’s character also had to perform some heavy stunts in the movie. The studio thinks it was too risky for Maureen to perform the stunts and they assigned a stuntman to do her stunts.


7. The Mexican government lent 500 steers to the film

One scene in the movie required around 500 Longhorn steers, which was difficult to arrange for any single person. However, Wayne and his crew ended up getting those steers from the Mexican government, who offered to loan the crew the 500 Longhorns they required.


As one of the most popular Western movies of its time, “McLintock!,” revolves around the life of George and Katherine who find themselves tangled up in a series of messes. It also focuses on the life of their daughter, Becky, who was portrayed by Stefanie Powers.

Wayne is one of the finest actors in Hollywood whose popularity remains even to this day. A few months back, his granddaughter decided to pay a tribute to his life and achievements with a beautiful singing tribute for the iconic actor.