Father enraged when video shows repairman's 'disgusting' act in daughter's bedroom

A hidden camera in the bedroom of two young girls from California recorded the disgusting act that a repairman did when he thought that nobody was looking.

In the video uploaded to CBS Los Angeles YouTube channel, the repairman that Jason Cooper, the owner of the house hired to fix the floor, appeared getting into Jason’s five and three-year-old daughters.

Apart from the fact that he was not allowed to get in there, he went to the hamper where both girls’ underwear was placed, picked one up, turned around, and either sniffed it or licked it.

The recording, captured by a nanny camera, showed that the unnamed repairman got into the room several more times doing the same and, before leaving the house, he put one of the pieces of clothing in his pocket.


As soon as Cooper watched the video, he was absolutely enraged. He called him and, when he learned that his offensive action was on camera, he could only gasp. Cooper added that he didn’t want to hear what he had to say.


The enraged father later filed a police report and pointed out that all he wanted was for him to be away from people’s houses as he couldn’t do the same to another family or another five/three-year-old girl.

"This gentleman violated a 5-year-old and 3-year-old's privacy, my family's privacy. Obviously, my wife and I are really distraught over this, and we want other people to know," confessed Cooper.

At the moment, it is unclear the charges that the man could face. One thing is clear; he won't be getting any more job offers when the video goes viral. Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa


Ashley Freeman shared on the Internet a video, recorded by a nanny camera, showing a worker from the Elite Flooring company, later identified as Abraham Avila, trying to steal something from her underwear drawer.

The woman revealed that if she hadn’t gotten a notification of motion in her bedroom, she probably wouldn’t notice that Avila was robbing her. Freeman finally urged people not to hire anyone from the Elite Flooring company.

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