Two dogs 'argue' in a hilarious barking match, but the conflict escalates and goes viral

Funny disagreement between two Corgis goes viral. These two dogs are having the debate of the century and YouTube has all the scoop.

Ever so often we are entertained by the human-like behavior of our pets. Whether it’s a dog attempting to sing, a cat refusing to get wet, a parrot repeating what we say or a hamster running laps, and falling off its hamster wheel. Our pets have a way of giving us laughs and smiles when we least expect it.

With the wide array of pets that we have, It’s the dogs who seem to be the famous animal entertainers of our time. No wonder they end up being movie stars. Speaking of which, does anyone remember Lassie?  

Well these dogs may resemble Lassie, and they may also be known for cattle herding, however, they are not similar in size or bark in this case, and if memory serves correctly, Lassie wasn’t this argumentative.

The Beijing dogs whose breed is originally from Welsh, United Kingdom, appears to be an intimate couple who are in separate corners of a room in the house. One has taken up temporary residence on the sofa and the other has chosen to sit on the floor next to the doggy food bowl.

The Corgis go two rounds barking and snapping at each other, each time retreating to their separate corners to cool off as if they were in a boxing match. They did not get physical but the tension between the two was thick.

Curiosity looms, what were they arguing about? Could it be that they are like human couples? Perhaps they were arguing about whose turn it was to wash the dishes, or maybe the male Corgi forgot to take out the trash. Do you think either one forgot the other’s birthday? Maybe it was an argument about someone forgetting their anniversary.

The options are endless and while we may never be able to decipher or decode the barks between these Corgis we can agree that they were entertaining and simply adorable to watch.

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