Actors Who Hated Their On-Screen Partners So Much They Refused To Act

Diva's come in all shapes and sizes, and now... genders. Our first culprits are Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Vin Diesel. You may think "hey but these two got along in the movie just fine," but no, they didn't even like each other one bit. The only chemistry they had between was hate at first sight and Dwayne explains why. 

Dwayne and Vin were meant to co-star on the set of The Fast and the Furious. The Rock is well known for his performances in the wrestling ring and on the big screen. He doesn't seem like the dad type. On a film set you'd expect grown-up men to display discipline and tolerance towards each other but on this set, they clashed like warriors. While on the red carpet, Dwayne commented on the situation but left room for interpretation when chatting to Entertainment Tonight. 

Acting is a demanding job but when there are feuds between co-stars, that's when things get really wild. 

Things got a little heated and the weapon of choice was verbal retaliation. 

“My female co-stars are always amazing, and I love ’em. My male co-stars, however, are a different story,” he wrote. “Some conduct themselves as stand up men and true professionals, while others don’t. The ones that don’t are too chicken s–t to do anything about it anyway. Candy asses.”

Furthermore, he wrote, “when you watch this movie next April, and it seems like I’m not acting in some of these scenes and my blood is legit boiling — you’re right.” In the last stages of filming, Dwayne admitted that not all was going as smoothly as it seemed on the set between the Furious family. He hashtagged "zero tolerance for candy asses" in his Instagram and therefore this feud was deemed: The Candy-Ass Feud. Rather amusing for grown men, don't you think?

“When you watch this movie next April and it seems like I'm not acting in some of these scenes and my blood is legit boiling—you're right,” he added.

Who is said “candy ass”? was the mystery of the day. Diesel, along with Scott Eastwood, Jason Statham, Kurt Russell, and Tyrese Gibson could have each been implicated. According to TMZ, there was an alleged "secret meeting" between both sides of the feud and an anonymous finger was pointed at Vin. 

You can watch the two of them "Candy-ass Feud" in action below. 

All seemed fine two days later and Dwayne wrote another Instagram caption saying: “Family is gonna have differences of opinion and fundamental core beliefs,” the actor wrote. “To me, conflict can be a good thing, when it’s followed by great resolution. I was raised on healthy conflict and welcome it. And like any family, we get better from it.”

Vin celebrated the end of the filming by spinning a tale about his daughter learning the word "happy" and then shockingly takes a 90-degree turn by ending the story with: “So give me a second and I will tell you everything. Everything.” Diesel's defensive words seemed to implicate himself as the “candy ass."

“Oftentimes, just like in life, you have different philosophies and people have different fundamental philosophies on how you do things. And again, the most important thing is just the movie. So I’m happy that we're here in New York City, I’m happy the fans love it.”

Of course, he never delivered on his promise and left open wounds. In the end, the feud was good for the family and Dwayne told the Los Angles Times: “I was very clear with what I said. I’ve been in the game a long time,” he said while adding that news of the feud only raised public interest in the film itself.

“I don’t think the world really realizes how close we are, in a weird way,” Diesel said. “I think some things may be blown out of proportion. I don't think that was his intention. I know he appreciates how much I work this franchise. In my house, he’s Uncle Dwayne. . . . It’s not always easy being an alpha. And it’s two alphas. Being an alpha is sometimes a pain in the (butt).”

I guess you can't get them both to agree on everything, especially if there is a genuine feud going on between them. They apparently had different philosophies according to Dwayne. As Vin and Dwayne walked down the red carpet, Vin said: "We still love each other, that's my boy. When I was making that difficult decision, should there be an 8 or not, I called [Johnson] and he said, ‘Brother, I will be there shoulder to shoulder with you to make sure it's the best movie in history.’ And he delivered.”

“At my house, he’s ‘Uncle Dwayne’ and I’m proud of that,” he added.

Although these guys may have had their candy asses feud, they'll always be the Furious family. 

Now we come to the next "I love to hate you" team. Robert Downey Jr. & Terrence Howard

We love Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. but did you know that Terrence Howard helped to build the Iron Man franchise? We aren't talking about him playing a character in the film but in the sense that he was in the first movie. When the sequel was ready to be produced two years later, Terrence was gone and Don Cheadle was there in his place to take over his character. 

"I think the important thing with the 'Iron Man' franchise is to not do too much too soon and to make sure we don’t piss off the public that put us in the position we’re in," said Downey. "We’ve just got to keep rolling up our sleeves higher and further up the elbow. If we show up and we’re in the right head space and our heart’s in the right spot and we really think about the audience at every turn and we don’t try to stamp our hipness onto anything. It’s very interactive."

Robert's immediate response to the question of him being involved in the Terrence/Cheadle switch was: 

"I had nothing to do with that decision. I love Terrence very very much. That’s all I’ll say because I haven’t talked to him yet."

He made it clear that there are no favorites between the two equally talented actors and we know Robert speaks his mind. So no juicy quotes in regards to that topic.

"I’ve always admired Don [Cheadle]," said Downey. "It’s one of those situations where I still don’t quite know what happened or why. Here’s what happens too: things happen and you wind up commenting on them before you’ve actually talked to the people and it's in poor taste."

In November 2008, EW wrote that Terrence was the first to sign on to the film six months after Iron Man his the theatres. The report stated that Terrence exhibited "difficult behavior" on set and the director, Jon Favreau was "ultimately unhappy with his performance, and spent and spent a lot of time cutting and reshooting his scenes.” Upon writing the sequel, he Rhodey role was scaled down and agents were contacted with an offer that was drastically reduced. This staggering new figure was between fifty to eighty percent lower than the original offer. 

Apparently, Terrence was not even told about his behavioral problems. One of his publicists said: “Terrence had a tremendous experience working on Iron Man.” First impressions last and this was one that would stick around. 

That same month and year, Robert told MTV: “I had nothing to do with that decision. I love Terrence very, very much. That’s all I’ll say because I haven’t talked to him yet … It’s one of those situations where I still don’t quite know what happened or why. Here’s what happens, too: things happen and you wind up commenting on them before you’ve actually talked to the people and it’s in poor taste.” Of course, we have to take their word for it. 

It was time for Iron Man 2's debut and Terrence tells E!:  “Despite the customary idea or thought that there’s some controversy, it was a wonderful split and I know that they’ve done well. Robert Downey Jr. was born to play that part and it was wonderful that that part has given him the stature that he was supposed to hold before. For me to have recommended him, it means all the more so that I helped someone get to where they are supposed to go. Marvel and I are now talking about doing some other things. And Don Cheadle wanted to play that part before I wanted to play it, so everything is very well.” TL;DR: “You owe me, Rob,” and, “I never really cared about Iron Man movies. If you wanna care about Iron Man movies, Don, that’s whatever.”

Then, Terrence jokes in his next comment when he speaks to “The worst thing I’ve witnessed was Iron Man killing my career.” He laughs a lot, then adds: “Or trying to. They tried to.” Nope. He's not upset at all... 

Watch this video below to hear the truth about Robert and Terrence's feud. 

In that very same month, Terrence makes yet another comment to Sway telling them straight out that he was paid 4.5 million dollars for Iron Man. 

“The second time, they came and they said, ‘We think the movie will be successful with or without you, so instead of the $8 million we said we’re going to pay you, we’re going to let you come back for a million dollars.'”

Terrence now blindsided, signed a three-picture contract and all would go according to plan. Things most certainly went south for this actor. Today, Terrence promotes The Best Man Holiday where he takes a fan questionnaire over the phone: “Why you didn’t come back to Iron Man? I miss you in a uniform.” And the truth comes out when Vulture sets things off: “Would you like to really know? Well, it turns out … in order for, um … this is gonna get me in a lot of trouble, but … it turns out that the person that I helped become Iron Man, when it was time to re-up for the second one, took the money that was supposed to go to me and pushed me out.”

Terrence sticks to the same story every time, so it surely doesn't sound like he's overexaggerating or making things up and insists that Robert didn't call him back for three months. No matter what the situation, there is some major testosterone flying about these two and whether or not they will ever work together again or see eye-to-eye remains to be seen. 

If you love those behind-the-scenes squabbles and grown-ups acting like little kids, be sure to keep your eyes on us and share this with your friends! 

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