Bride's father dies before her wedding; she cries when brother tells her to 'turn around'

When this woman lost her father a few months before her wedding, her brother knew that he had to do everything in his power to have his father present on that great day.

It happened so suddenly. A few months before Andrea Middleton got married her father quickly died of cancer. The family was left in an unbearable sadness. For Middleton the pain was double.

Her deepest wish was for her father to walk her down the aisle, for him to see her say “I do" to the love of her life and to share the traditional father/daughter dance at the wedding party.

And this was not going to happen. Father and daughter had a very special relationship and she was devastated. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

Source: YouTube/Michael LaFrance

Source: YouTube/Michael LaFrance


Andrea and her father had planned to dance to Bob Carlisle’s 1997 beautiful song “Butterfly Kisses” on her wedding’s father/daughter dance, but her father sadly lost his battle with cancer before the chosen date.

She was already engaged when her father passed away, so she was really hoping he was going to make it to her wedding. Her loss left her devastated, but she knew she had to go on with the plans.

Knowing this, Luke had the idea of recording his own version of the song and surprise his sister with it, and many male figures close to Andrea joined her on a dance to show them their support on such an emotional ordeal.

Source: YouTube/Michael LaFrance

Source: YouTube/Michael LaFrance

Photographer Michael LaFrance was there to beautifully capture the loving gift that Andrea received from her brother Luke on her wedding day to make her feel close to their recently late father.


“It was a truly touching moment not a dry eye in the house. Her dad, Mark, died earlier in the year from pancreatic cancer. Andrea's first dance is with Mark's father, followed by her brother Luke, then brother Nick and finally her new father-in-law Scott.”

-Michael LaFrance, YouTube, July 23, 2012.

Everybody in the room had to surrender to their tears as a sobbing but grateful Andrea danced to Luke’s rendition of the song, which lyrics are about a father whose “little girl” is about to marry.

Source: YouTube/Michael LaFrance

Source: YouTube/Michael LaFrance

“I couldn't ask God for more, man, this is what love is/ I know I've gotta let her go, but I'll always remember/ Every hug in the morning, and butterfly kisses,” are the song’s closing lyrics.


Since LaFrance shared the video he shot of the emotional moment in his YouTube channel with the family’s permission back in 2012, the beautifully photographed clip has accumulated more than 28 million views.

Thousands of people gave likes to it, and some of them took to the comments section to share their impressions about it.

Source: YouTube/Michael LaFrance

Source: YouTube/Michael LaFrance

“After watching this video multiple times throughout the year, I still manage to cry. Every. Single. Time,” wrote “Darline V.” “What a great brother to show his sister how much he thinks of his sister and love for his dad,” added Ken Badois.

“All the men in a woman's family cannot replace a father but that isn't the point. The point is that they take quiet, dignified turns to show her that they love her and acknowledge her loss,” reflected Cameron Martin.

“I’m absolutely shocked. All of America, apparently, loves to watch me cry. It’s really about the amazing gesture that Nick did. And it’s shocking every time. It keeps coming back,” Andrea told Today two years later.


The meaningful dances that are traditionally performed at weddings usually are the most magical and emotional moments of the celebration. Both father/daughter dance and the first dance as husband and wife tend to melt everybody’s heart.

Another bride received the most unexpected gift as she was getting ready to dance for the first time with her new husband in front of their guests when a famous country singer appeared to perform the song they had chosen for their first dance.

The bride’s reaction when the DJ pretends to experience some technical difficulties to play the track in question but instead the renowned country singer makes his entrance is priceless.

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