Melania Trump reportedly spent almost $100,000 at hotel she never slept in

Brows are raised over an incredible amount spent on First Lady Melania Trump's hours-long stay in Cairo. The president's wife reportedly settled close to $100,000 for a hotel stay that didn't last overnight.


A six-hour stay of First Lady Melania Trump in Cairo allegedly cost almost $100,000 in taxpayers’ money. 

As part of her first solo trip as First Lady in Africa, Trump stopped by the Egyptian city of Cairo but didn’t stay the night. This caused quite a stir considering her short stay amounted to a $95,050 bill at the Intercontinental Cairo hotel. 

According to the first lady’s communications director, Stephanie Grisham, the president’s wife stayed a total of six hours in Cairo and did not spend the night at the hotel. She also inquired about the source for the hotel expenditure though she didn’t directly deny it. She said her team would look into where the figure was derived. 


Rooms at the luxury hotel range from $119 to $699 a night which makes it even more surprising to learn that the first lady’s bill would shoot up to tens of thousands. There were no itemized records of spending to base the figure on. Thus, there is no proof of what items were charged to her account. It can be assumed some of those expenses were for her Secret Service detail and support staff. 


The First Lady’s office is known to be one of the lowest-spending departments in the East Wing, according to a 2017 analysis of Fox News. Her latest Cairo expense begs to disagree, considering it fares even higher than her husband Donald Trump’s bill for a two-night stay at a golf course in Scotland.  The president spent $68,000 for that short stay in July. 


This isn’t the first time an issue has been raised against Trump during her African visit. While touring a Kenyan safari, she wore a colonial-inspired hat that earned critics’ ire. Though she looked fashionable in her choice of safari clothing, many slammed her for the hat she wore which symbolized colonial oppression in African history. 

Regardless, Trump forged on with her work promoting the welfare of children in the African region. Her efforts are part of her “Be Best” campaign which she launched earlier this year. 

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