Dog screams like a human warning everyone he doesn't want to have his nails cut

A pup who was reluctant to have his nails "done" was quick to express his distress.

The owner of a pug captured his pet's harrowing ordeal of having his toenails clipped on video, and the hilarious footage was posted on YouTube/Pet On Tube.

The poor animal was apparently taken by his owner to the vet where two unsympathetic humans took advantage of the poor pub's helplessness. 


One of the humans was holding the hapless pup immobile, while the other menaced the toenails of its hind legs with clippers.

The dog whined entreatingly but was ignored. Only when the human with the clippers reached for his fore paws did the pug reveal his secret weapon.

Source: YouTube/Pet On Tube

Source: YouTube/Pet On Tube

As the pug's heartrending screeches echoed in their ears, the two veterinarians callously laughed.

Source: YouTube/Pet On Tube

Source: YouTube/Pet On Tube


As the veterinarian started to clip the nails on the dog's forepaws, it started to scream in a high-pitched voice, exactly like a human, while it bugged out its eyes alarmingly. You could imagine the dog making a career in horror films doing voice-overs for Scream Queens.

Source: YouTube/Pet On Tube

Source: YouTube/Pet On Tube


As the pug's heartrending screeches echoed in their ears, the two veterinarians callously laughed.

Even the person who was filming the incident - presumably the dog's owner - laughed at the pug's drama-queen performance. And as thousands of people view the clip, even more will laugh.

Poor, misunderstood puppy.

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Most dogs dislike having their toenails clipped, though few express it as well as the pug in the video.

Some owners find the process of clipping their dog's nails such a complicated and unpleasant task that they have given it up altogether. Their dogs are allowed to keep their nails long, but this is a copout that may affect the pet's health.

Overgrown nails are prone to splitting and breaking, which can lead to infections. A dog's long nails can also scratch and break human skin, and destroy furniture, cause the animal posture problems, and lead to joint pain.

There are some solutions that don't involve frightening clippers. Exercising a dog on a rough surface regularly will naturally keep its nails short.

Some owners choose to purchase a nail trim mat, which is a doormat with a rough surface which wears down the dog's nails.

Alternatively, dog owners can use a filing “board” which consists of a sheet of wood covered with sandpaper. 

If all else fails, dog owners are advised to harden their hearts and take their dogs to a professional dog-groomer for a nail clip.

In a related story, dog food manufacturers Sunshine Mills have issued a recall on three different types of dog food due to elevated levels of vitamin D found.

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