Men literally set their beards on fire this holiday season

Pedro Marrero
Dec 13, 2018
05:02 P.M.
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Wearing Christmas lights on the beard is a thing now, and it only involves a little risk of electrocution and/or setting one’s face on fire, all in the spirit of the holidays.


For this Christmas season the gift company Firebox is offering “Beard Lights,” consisting on 18 nano LED lights that change color and flash, so every man can be a living Christmas tree, as Rare reported.

Only time will tell if this will be the big trend of the season, but we can’t help but wonder if people will fall for it since it doesn’t sound like the safest way to express one’s Christmas spirit.

If the brand’s website is any indication of this product’s success, we can expect many people to light their beards, since the contraption has been sold out twice already. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa



“Trust us, you can’t even tell they’re there when they’re in, [they're] so unobtrusive. We tested them on our extensive range of hirsute staff members and they all agree,” it reads in the Firebox site.

“Forgo the waxy styling products and replace them with this set of 18 multi-colored nano LED lights - but don’t worry, you don’t have to hang them individually. Each of the heat-less lights is suspended on a 90cm cable that clips onto your beard painlessly. Just like normal fairy lights, but miniature so they nestle comfortably in your face fuzz.”



, 2018.


Even though the guys at Firebox are already wishing everybody a “hairy Christmas” they are also warning potential users not to use the lights if your beard is wet of there is wet weather, somehow admitting there’s an actual risk.

As original as this invention seems, it is actually part of a larger trend involving beards as a means to showcase a man’s Christmas spirits.


Decorating one’s beard with holiday-themed ornaments, beyond the use of lights, is apparently a big thing this year, after experiencing a growth in popularity since it started.

Many men have grown familiar to the idea of wearing beard ornaments for the season, and they have taken to social media to share their looks.


Although conceived for a man’s facial hair, women can join the trend by simply wearing these ornaments in their hair, so nobody needs to feel excluded.


Actually, beards have become so popular lately, that even some women are proud to wear them, so this is probably the best moment for the Beard Light to be launched.

41-year-old Rose Geil, was tired of shaving her face since she was a teenager, due to a rare condition that causes to grow excessive hair in her body, something that she spent many years hiding even from her parents.

After trying to get rid of her facial hair by any means possible and having to struggle with her self-image for so long, Geil decided to embrace this part of herself and let her beard grow.

Geil made this drastic change in her life in 2015, after finding support in the internet community, and she finally was happy with her own appearance.