'The Little Mermaid' song is called out over 'toxic masculinity'

A male a cappella group at Princeton University decided to stop performing a song from the “The Little Mermaid” because they believe it promotes “toxic masculinity.”

The Princeton Tigertones chose not to perform “Kiss The Girl” because it involves bringing up a female audience member on stage to decide whether or not a man from the crowd could kiss her, as reported by the NBC News.

In the Disney movie, Sebastian the crab sings the song as he encourages Prince Eric to kiss Ariel, who can’t talk after she sacrificed her voice to become human for him.

Sebastian sings: "My oh my/ Look like the boy too shy/ Ain't gonna kiss the girl," the crab sings together with other sea creatures. "Ain't that sad?/ It's such a shame/ Too bad/ You're gonna miss the girl."

Source: YouTube/Disney

Source: YouTube/Disney

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The songs also includes the lyrics, "Don't be scared/ You better be prepared/ Go on and kiss the girl."

Source: YouTube/Disney

Source: YouTube/Disney


The Princeton Tigertones has been performing the song for years but decided to drop it from its act after Noa Wollstein, a student newspaper columnist, pointed out that those lyrics from the song promotes “toxic masculinity.”

Source: YouTube/Disney

Source: YouTube/Disney

Wollstein suggested that the song is misogynistic as it forces women to have unwanted encounters while on stage.

"I have seen a queer student brought on stage have to uncomfortably push away her forced male companion," the sophomore from New York wrote.

She continued: "I have heard of unwilling girls being subjected to their first kisses. I have watched mothers, who have come to see their child's performance, be pulled up to the stage only to have tension generated between them and the kid they came to support."

Wesley Brown, president of Tigertones, apologized in a statement published in the newspaper, and assured that the a cappella won’t perform the song until they can find a way to do so without offending any audience members.

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