December 17, 2018

Marine performs a Randy Travis hit and his powerful singing goes viral

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Evan Moore, a member of the marines, captivated many hearts when he sang “Three Wooden Crosses,” a Randy Travis hit.

Moore was captured during a private concert as he sang his heart out, performing in front of his fellow Marines during one of their breaks.

With another marine holding the microphone, Moore strummed his guitar and treated his friends with a soulful song.

As expected, the serviceman’s voice was perfect for the song. He reached the low notes with ease and every word sung was heartfelt.


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Once he finished the song, his brothers cheered for him and one even yelled out, “Hell yeah, boy!” It was a sight to see them all applauding their fellow marine in support.


After the performance, Moore went ahead and uploaded the video on Facebook. Many users were awed by how his voice resembled Travis’s. It came as no surprise when they praised him for his talent.

“Three Wooden Crosses” was released by Travis as a single track in 2002 for his album “Rise and Shine.” Written by Kym Williams and Doug Johnson, the song won the CMA and ACM Awards under the Song of the Year category. It also won the Dove Award for Country Song of the Year.


Many years later, other artists continue to be inspired by the spiritual track. In 2016, Josh Turner sang the song, which is about a farmer, a teacher, a preacher, and a hooker, for a special series to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the CMA Awards.

The classic hit became one of the many songs that further established Travis’s strong career in the industry.


Despite the good things that happened in his life, Travis and his family were devastated in 2017 when the singer suffered from a stroke. He was in a coma and was barely clinging to life.

Source: Facebook/ Evan Moore

It got very worse that the doctors even suggested to the singer’s wife that they pull the plug. Although, Mary didn’t want to give up just yet.

She believed that her husband still wanted to fight. Her thoughts were confirmed when she held her husband’s hand, and he squeezed her hand to let her know that he still wanted to live. For Mary, it was a sign.