13-year-old Kim Kardashian looks unrecognizable in rare bikini photo posing with teen Kourtney

Kim Kardashian shared a throwback photo of herself and sister, Kourtney on her Instagram and has stirred a great deal of shock at how different the two sisters look now.

On Saturday, December 15, Kim Kardashian threw us back to 1994 as she shared a throwback photo of herself and her older sister, Kourtney.They posed in the surf with their bikinis. The reality star is seen in the photo, sitting in the water while leaning in to snuggle up to her older sister. The mother of two captioned the pic; ‘1994-13 years old. Always been posing on the beach lol.’ 

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Now, one of the many things the Kardashians are known for is their knack for the beach. It seems that flair didn’t start today as her caption suggests.

Kim, 13 at the time, looked very young and innocent in her dark blue and white bikini; as did Khloe in her pink bathing suit. Kim rocked a short hair, with a subtle hint of red, while Kourtney had her long straight hair parted in the middle. 

The two sisters made a good impression as they looked delightful while not missing out on just the right amount of youthful and natural aura.

The old photo caused quite a stir on social media as many fans made comments on how much the Kardashian sisters have changed. 

Growth sure looks very good on them; those two look almost unrecognizable. That ‘K-DNA’ has always been there.

Kim Kardashian is well known for sharing old pictures of herself and family members. Earlier this month, on the 7th, she had shared a photo of herself and her siblings on her Instagram account.

 The picture, from the early years of their fame, captures the reality queen snuggling up to her brothers and sisters and they look cuddly as ever. 

They all look very much different than they do now; with Kim herself looking hot in a gold dress that generously flaunts her cleavage and yet looking quite not as hot as she does now. 

Khloe didn’t have her signature long blonde locks on; she spotted some dark curly hair which by the way, is beautiful. Rob Kardashian is seen looking nothing like his current self; as he looks relatively slim as he poses with his sisters on the red carpet. 

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