Johnny Cash’s grandson is also a singer, and his tender cover of granddad’s song is pure gold

There will never be another Johnny Cash, that much is certain, but thankfully he has a grandson that is almost as talented as he was.

Cash was undeniably amazing and the resonating sound of his vocals, along with his charming demeanor, was enough to break hearts wherever he went.

But the star seems to have passed on his talent for music to his grandson, Thomas Gabriel, who, as can be seen on Youtube, also possesses a powerful voice.

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Cash is survived by five children and thirteen grandchildren, and Gabriel's mother, Kathy, was a daughter to Cash and Vivian Liberto, his very first wife.

While growing up, everyone in the family had the chance to witness the greatness surrounding Cash and the magnificent way he lulled his fans with his unique voice.

"Cash told his grandson that he sounded quite a lot like he did when he was his age."


Gabriel was one of those lucky ones and developed a very tight bond with his grandfather throughout the years.  As a child, Gabriel dreamt of being a successful musician just like Cash and they would often spend quite a lot of time together.

The legendary singer would take Gabriel with him whenever he was on the road and Cash would even call him up on stage, in front of thousands of fans, to sing "When the Saints Go Marching In."


At the age of 21, Gabriel, already an adult male, realized that his vocal skills developed beyond his expectations, something that Cash also noticed.

In fact, one day, while in a recording studio, Cash told his grandson that he sounded quite a lot like he did when he was his age, and advised him to keep working on his vocals.

Sadly, Gabriel didn't follow his grandfather's advice but he still continues to keep his memory alive by stepping up on stage and performing some of Cash's greatest hits.

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