‘The Conners’ fans are ‘crying’ about Jackie’s tearful breakdown over Roseanne’s death in finale

A shattered Jackie mourns Roseanne and "The Conners" fans are in tears.

It is unusual for a sitcom to deal with such a sensitive and harrowing subject as grief, and to handle it with delicacy and humor is almost impossible - but "The Conners" has done it.

On the final episode of the first season of ABC's "Roseanne" spinoff has had thousands of tearful fans flooding social media with praise.

“We owned the place. We called it The Lunch Box, and it was the last place I was happy.”


The cancellation of the hit reboot of the 90s sitcom "Roseanne" led to ABC creating a spinoff with the original cast - excepting Roseanne Barr, of course.

In the new series, Roseanne is mourned by her devastated family after she dies of an opioid overdose. The motor of the series has been how each member of the family deals with that loss, and in this last climatic episode, it was the turn of Jackie, Roseanne's fictional sister.

In the series premiere, Jackie was seen avoiding her grief while compulsively cleaning Roseanne's house over and over again.


Jackie, who has been avoiding facing her loss since the beginning of the series, is forced to confront her emotional fragility by her boyfriend's cheating.

She goes to the restaurant she once owned with Roseanne, The Lunch Box, and admits that it was the last place she was happy.


"The Conners" executive producer Sara Gilbert, who also plays Darlene Conner, revealed why Jackie broke down at The Lunch Box:

“We knew that we wanted Jackie to melt down in the [finale]. That’s something we talked about since the beginning of the season. It was just a matter of where [the breakdown occurred]. And then it sort of became, ‘Oh, yes. This is the symbolic place where they worked together and where they were happy.’ It had an emotional punch for everybody [because it served as a reminder] of what’s been lost.”


In the series premiere, Jackie was seen avoiding her grief while compulsively cleaning Roseanne's house over and over again.

Tasked to go home because she is on the verge of exhaustion, she admitted she didn't want to leave her sister’s house, and face her loss.

ABC has yet to announce if "The Conners" has been renewed for a second season, but considering the positive response from audiences and critics, we can expect to see the family again.


Roseanne Barr, who was fired from the series "Roseanne" after she posted a racially charged tweet about former US President Barrack Obama’s staffer Valerie Jarrett, openly denounced how her character was killed off in the spin-off series, "The Connors."

In order to justify Barr's absence, it is announced that Roseanne Conner died of an opioid overdose. The plot reveals that Roseanne had become addicted to opioids after knee surgery.

Barr reacted to the development by stating that she found her character's cause of death  “unnecessarily grim and morbid" and at odds with the original show's theme.

In a related story, 'The Conners' star Lecy Goranson commented on Roseanne Barr’s exclusion from the new show.

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