15-year-old girl makes jaws drop after successfully bench pressing 355 lbs in viral video

A 15-year-old freshman student named Mahailya Reeves stunned social media users around the world after she did a remarkable job bench pressing 355 lbs in a viral video. 

Many 15-year-old girls might be enjoying some fun under the sun or a trip to the mall or the spa, but this teenager has chosen to stay at the gym and train hard to compete with the rest of the heavyweights. By heavyweights, we mean literal heavyweights - weightlifting hundreds of pounds for leisure, for fitness, and of course, for competitions.

A Union County High School freshman named Mahailya has been working her way to the top of the weightlifting ladder, successfully lifting more than 400 pounds. Her indescribable strength shocked everyone watching the regional weightlifting competition where she successfully bench-pressed a whopping 355 pounds without breaking a sweat. 

Of course, she was also able to do a 225 clean lift, which at her age, some people could only dream of lifting. Of course, if she can do a 355 pound bench-press, she could also do a 430-pound front squat. 

Reeves gets by with a whole lot of support from her coaches, trainers, family, and friends. During her competitions, her friends and schoolmates make sure to show up and cheer her on, something that definitely helps her persevere and do her best every single time. 

While people might think weightlifting is only for men and is not enjoyed by women, Mahailya is happy to prove everyone wrong. In fact, she works so hard at the gym, that at 15-years-old, she is able to do a lot of things that most adults couldn't even imagine doing. As for her haters, she only has one thing to say: 

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