Iman Shumpert apologizes to wife Teyana Taylor after his awkward comments on her pic with Draya

Iman Shumpert felt the need to apologize to his wife Teyana Taylor after he made an inappropriate comment on one of her pictures with Draya Michele on Instagram.

Although Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor usually play around with one another on social media, people seemed to have taken the Sacramento Kings player's comments the wrong way when he posted on his wife's rather sexy photo with Draya Michele on her birthday. 

In the photo, Teyana pretended to be a "quiet nerdy" who was taking the "hottest girl in school" to prom. In the photo, Teyana sported a rather masculine look, dressed in a black and white striped blazer and slacks, while Michele wore a black latex bodycon dress. Quite bothered by the post, Iman wrote: "This corny af. This time u really tweekin. Oms u bogus af."

Away from his wife due to the current NBA season, Iman, later on, took back his comments after realizing he sounded a lot angrier than he was supposed to.  In fact, Taylor even responded with "u big mad big fella.", trying to humor her husband into chilling out a bit. 

In the end, Iman revealed that he was just overwhelmed with his feelings, that he was bothered by things that he normally doesn't care about. He shares that the reason why he's been feeling this way is that he misses Teyana a lot, especially since he's been on the road due to his away games in the NBA. 

Shumpert also reassured their fans that he knows his wife is only joking around in the photo, and that he is used to the way she humors herself around her friends. 

This whole ordeal comes after Teyana and Iman were caught in yet another scandal, where people believed the NBA player to be the father of a child out-of-wedlock. However, the Shumperts made sure to smash this rumor real quick along with the baby mama of the said child, who clarified that the baby is not Iman's, but her ex-boyfriend's. 

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