Steve Harvey rehashes his ‘90-days-before-sex’ rule and critics are divided into two camps

Aby Rivas
Jan 30, 2019
11:44 P.M.
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Steve Harvey recently recycled his speech about the “90-days-before-sex” rule, which encourages women to make sure they meet their partners in depth during three months before getting sexually involved with them. The host is getting mixed reactions from women on social media about the rule.


Steve Harvey made his “90-days” rule famous back in 2011, when he released his first book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” Since then, the seasoned host has discussed the rule and its benefits on several occasions, and he recently brought it back to the spotlight on his talk show.

A clip of the 62-year-old talking about the rule was shared on the Twitter on his Steve TV show, and this time around, Harvey explained why exactly he chose 90 days. “The rule is simple,” he started. “It gives you 90 days to prepare to know a man, and you know why I pick 90 days? Because 90 days is the probation period at FedEx, at the Post Office [and] at a motor company.”


Harvey proceeded to explain how every good company would give their new hires a three months’ probation period in which they can determine whether the employee is trustful and suitable for the position.

“Then if you complete the full 90 day probation period… Guess what they give you? They give you the full benefits package,” Harvey said. “You ladies have one of the biggest benefit packages available to men.”



While Harvey’s words were received with cheers and claps from his audience, women in social media have split reactions about the rule. Some agree:

“I need you to give my 31-year-old daughter a good talk!!”

“Steve I like That Well I’m 68 And I’m gone try 90 Days Lol.”


And some disagree:

“Steve you could benefit from this MUST Read, "Vagina Management." Women's bodies/intimacy being compared to manufacturers/business. Yeah, not buying it. Ladies don't dumb yourself down for man-made rule, ask yourself what does God say about intimacy. Anything outside of that is [trash].”

“The 90 Day Rule should be extended to 180 Day Rule. People play too much these days. #seriouslydating.”


Another daring fan only took to the reply section to ask if that was the advice Steve gave to his daughter, Lori Harvey, now that she's dating singer Trey Songz.


Steve has also mentioned on his show a quick guide of what to do through the three months to fully take advantage of each passing day while waiting.

The first month, he says, is important to enjoy dating while keeping the guy on his toes. “Learn about his favorite things, be firm on your non-negotiables and keep standards high,” says Harvey. He also states that it is essential to start a good friendship because there’s nothing better than “marrying your best friend.”


On the second month, Steve recommends exploring something new together, being observant and making a checklist with six things that he has done.

The host didn’t get to explain the third month on his show, instead urging people to buy his book, but it's easy to see how the rule works out.


In times where people are more focused on finding a sex partner and not a serious relationship, waiting three months seems, or even more, sounds like a logical solution to determine if the guy is interested in something more than just sex.