Donald Trump slammed for leaving Washington after he goes golfing with Tiger Woods in Florida

Donald Trump is back on the golf course a week after he ended the longest government shutdown in history. Now people are criticizing him for engaging in recreation during what he deemed an "emergency."

Donald Trump boasted of a “great morning” playing with golf champions Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus on Saturday but things turned sour shortly after. Citizens slammed the US President for abandoning his office while the country still reels from the effects of his record-breaking government shutdown. 

Trump tweeted his delight at getting the chance to play with Woods and Nicklaus again after quite a while. The trio bonded at his Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida and even posed for a commemorative photo.

In his tweet bearing the pic, Trump wrote, 

“Great morning at Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida with @JackNicklaus and @TigerWoods!"


This is the first time since Thanksgiving that Trump step foot in Florida.  The past few months have seen a decline in his travels due to the 35-day partial government shutdown that finally ended last week.

The shutdown, known as the longest in national history to date had become a burden to many including over 400,000 federal workers who stopped receiving their paychecks during the period. It all began when Congress refused to fund a proposal backed by the president in relation to the building of a wall at the southern border in his attempts to keep Mexican migrants out of the country. 

The standoff over the dispute led to Trump’s decision to shut down the government partially hoping it would change the minds of the Congressional Democrats who rallied against the wall funding. 

However, it was Trump who appeared to have “caved” when he announced the reopening of the government last week. This with the condition that if the wall funding isn’t approved by February 15, he will shut it down again. He even declared a national emergency if Congress still does not approve the proposal during the reprieve. 


With the government resuming operations fully for just a week, Trump back in the golf course became a subject of criticism. Many slammed him for already taking a luxury break while employees who were unpaid during the shutdown are still waiting to receive their back pay. Comments flooded Trump’s tweet condemning the man and even his golf mates. One furious user wrote

“This guy insists we’re in the middle of a national emergency, then immediately goes golfing, and brags about it. [Expletive] him, [expletive]  his supporters, and [expletive]  Tiger Woods and Nicklaus for fraternizing with the sick [expletive]. At this point even golfing with Trump is an act of treason.”

Several others added,

Of course, there was also a lot of mocking. 

Others also reminded the president of how he ate his previous words. 


Despite the backlash, there were also those who supported Trump’s golfing trip and claimed he deserved it after working hard for the country. 


Trump is reportedly calmest when he’s on the greens. Since becoming president, he has spent a total of 150 days on the golf course. He is known to play fast, finishing 18 holes in an average of three hours. He would often wear a ‘USA” hat and quiz his opponents about current events. Seeing that he recently played with Woods and Nicklaus, it’s curious if he also quizzed them about the shutdown.

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