Woman dubbed psychotic by doctors for truthfully saying she's a banker & owns a BMW files lawsuit

The lawsuit filed by a Black woman against the city, a police officer and doctors at Harlem has begun. The woman claims the defendants subjected her to eight days at a psych ward after they doubted she owned a BMW (which she did) and instead diagnosed her as emotionally disturbed and delusional. 

Almost five years since she says she was mistakenly treated at a mental institution, Kamilah Brock will finally have her day in court. She filed a lawsuit against those who thought she was insane and now the trial is underway.


In 2014, Brock went through a harrowing ordeal of being branded mentally unfit by authorities and consequently sent to a mental institution for treatment. 

Brock claimed it all started when she sought the help of police in the Public Service Area 6 stationhouse in Harlem to retrieve her car which had been impounded. Brock was pulled over at a red light by police the day before for suspicions of being high on marijuana. Her hands were not on the wheel and she reasoned that she was dancing while the red light was on. 

"The doctors used her background, her trying to explain herself, to say she had a mental illness.”

Despite the absence of marijuana in her car, she was detained and her vehicle was taken away. Upon her release in a few hours, she was told to return the next day to claim her car. 

When she returned the following day, Brock recounted that things began to get weird after she mentioned her car was a BMW. She claimed police didn’t believe she owned one. She was soon put on handcuffs and transported in an ambulance to a medical facility. 


Brock admitted she was very emotional but not disturbed or delusional as cops thought her to be. When she got to the psych ward of Harlem Hospital where she was taken, doctors wouldn’t believe her when she said she was a banker and an avid supporter of politics whose Twitter account is followed by President Barrack Obama. 

The fact is Brock was telling the truth but the doctors wouldn’t believe her. Instead, she was subjected to eight days of treatment in the facility and injected with powerful doses of antipsychotics. To make matters worse, she was billed $13,637 for the treatment she didn’t need in the first place. 


In 2015, Brock filed a lawsuit against the city, a police officer and doctors at Harlem Hospital. She sought for unspecified damages for the trauma she went through.

On Monday, the trial began with Brock’s lawyer, Kyle Bruno stating in his opening statement that Brock’s intention is to prove that the people she was accusing “made a mistake.” He further explains, 

“She’s politically active. President Obama’s Twitter account follows one of her Twitter accounts...The doctors used her background, her trying to explain herself, to say she had a mental illness.”


In the city’s defense, attorney Joshua Wiener countered by claiming Brock’s lawyer failed to mention the reasons why Brock was sent to the psych ward. Among them, she was behaving erratically at the police station and suggesting grandiose thoughts such as she could play any musical instrument and “take her body to a new evolution.”

"If a white woman was trying to reclaim her BMW impounded by police, would she have been made a victim?

Wiener also claimed Brock banged on the door of her room in the psych ward and drove patients out of their beds. Moreover, he said her family confirmed that she struggled with mental illness. 

Wiener insisted Brock had a “manic episode” and all the defendants did was prevent her from causing harm to herself and to others. 


Back in 2014 when Brock first told her story, she suggested that the reason the cops wouldn’t believe that she owned a BMW was that she was Black. She told the Huffington Post,

"If a white woman was trying to reclaim her BMW impounded by police, would she have been made a victim? Would she have been questioned? Would she have been subject to sarcastic comments? Would she be made to justify who she was in order to ask for help? I don't think so. I do think race played a part in this."

Race has played a major role in many cases involving Black people being mistakenly accused. There were many instances when cops were called on Black people out of invalid suspicions.  These White people who wrongly suspected Black people of wrongdoing were even branded names such as BBQ Becky and Permit Patty after their suspicions were proven baseless.

As for Brock, if indeed her story has a streak of racism on it, she'd be another Black person to be a victim of racial profiling. 

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