14-year-old girl found guilty of killing her best friend in argument that started over a sleepover

A 14-year-old girl will spend the following 25 years behind bars for stabbing her best friend to death during a sleepover in May 2018.

The victim was Nylah Lightfoot, who was also 14 years old when the crime took place. The killer’s name was not revealed due to her age, but Lightfoot’s mother, Antoinette Carter, said that both girls were “on-and-off” friends.

Lightfoot passed away on May 29, 2018. Hours before the crime, she asked Carter if her friend could sleepover, but the mother said no. Later, Lightfoot and the girl, who was 13 at the time, started arguing through text messages over a slammed door.

Nylah Lightfoot, the victim | Source: Daily Mail

Nylah Lightfoot, the victim | Source: Daily Mail


The suspect even told Lightfoot to retrieve some of the clothes that they had swapped before. Once both girls were at the criminal’s Fort Worth apartment complex at around 2:30 am, located in Texas, they continued the argument.

Things got violent, and the suspect used a kitchen knife to stab Lightfoot in the chest and neck. Carter said that the other girl’s mother saw the incident and didn’t do anything to prevent it.

Antoinette Carter talking about the incident | Source: YouTube/Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Antoinette Carter talking about the incident | Source: YouTube/Fort Worth Star-Telegram


The young lady was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital, but she was pronounced dead soon after that. Now, almost a year after the crime took place, the girl was found guilty of murder in Tarrant County.

She is expected to stay in a Texas Juvenile Justice Department facility until the court determines whether she should be taken to an adult prison or grant her leniency on or before she turns 19.

Nylah Lightfoot, the victim | Source: YouTube/Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Nylah Lightfoot, the victim | Source: YouTube/Fort Worth Star-Telegram

After the jury announced the sentence, Carter delivered a heart-wrenching statement saying that when she learned that the killed had been Lightfoot’s friend “it hurts,” adding that the criminal was at her house every day.

Carter said that her daughter’s dream was to become a makeup artist and that she would often sneak into her bedroom to get makeup for her and her friend. She finished saying that she would never see her daughter fulfilling that dream, getting married, go to prom, or completing some other milestones.


Unfortunately, it is not the first time that a young person is sentenced to spend a long time in prison. Jayquille Cleveland was 15 years old when he shot and killed a 43-year-old father-of-four in a robbery attempt in Cleveland.

Months later, he was sentenced to 24 years in jail. Before the judge announced the decision, Cleveland apologized to the victim’s family and his heartbroken mother.

The man will be 39 when he’s released from prison. Common Pleas Judge Joan Synnberg advised him to stay away from prison gangs and to use his time in jail to reflect on his mistakes and get ready to get his life back on track once he’s out.

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