Mom of five furious about kids finding a penis on a supermarket toy animal

A mother of five was shocked to find that her children's plastic toys had realistic genitals.

Tanya Husnu was taking her children to the Zoo, so she decided to swing by a Kmart in Melbourne, Australia, and pick out some animal toys.

The trip to the toy section proved to be challenging for Husnu, and educational for her children.

Source: YouTube/ Caters Clips

Source: YouTube/ Caters Clips

“I mean, it’s funny as well, and you can’t help but laugh, but it’s still just not appropriate for a child’s toy that is on full display in the kids’ section. My kids thought it was hilarious though."


The young children, Aylah, 3, and 4-year-old twin Hakan and Osman, each picked out an animal - an elephant, a hippopotamus, and a lion - and all seemed right with the world.

Then Hakan discovered that his lion was most definitely male - it didn't just have the characteristic mane, it also owned a set of well-defined genitals.

Source: YouTube/ Caters Clips

Source: YouTube/ Caters Clips

Neither the elephant nor the hippo Husnu bought had genitalia.


While the children were delighted by the discovery, mom definitely wasn't. Husnu had expected the toys to be suitable gender-neutral, until:

"Then one of the twins turned the lion around, and my daughter yelled out, 'Look, Mum - the lion's got a willy,'


Husnu's trial was just beginning. At the Zoo, her children kept accosting total strangers and lifting up the lion's tail to show off the animal's genitals. To add to her discomfort, they kept yelling "Willie!


Husnu, 33, admitted that she did find some humor in the incident, but she also berates KMart for having the lion for sale in the toy section.

"I was really shocked. I mean it's funny as well and you can't help but laugh, but it's still just not appropriate for a child's toy that is on full display in the kids' section."

Curiously enough, neither the elephant nor the hippo Husnu bought had genitalia. That's why they call the lion the King of the jungle. 

Toy gun/ Source: Pexels

Toy gun/ Source: Pexels


Like genitalia on a toy lion, many of the toys available in a toy store are bound to have objectors.

The most controversial of all is undoubtedly toy guns. Matt Gaw grew up playing with toy guns, but when 5-year-old son Seth developed a fascination for weapons, he became uneasy.

After a lot of debate and soul-searching, Gaw and his wife decided to ban war toys.

"When he did ask for [his gun], we patiently tried to explain the damage real guns could do."

Faced with the ban, Seth nibbled toast into serviceable "guns" and drafted "innocent" toys as pretend weapons. Gaw compared notes with other parents and discovered that the fascination with weapons is universal.

He and his wife have taken great care to explain to their child that a real gun causes real damage, and hurts real people. But can any parental influence ban the fascination of small boys for guns and soldiers?

In a related story, fast-food giant McDonald's replaces the ever-popular Happy Meal toys with books to encourage children to read.

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