Millionaire's Racist Attack Ruins 1-Year-Old's Birthday and Makes the Toddler Cry

Kelyn Alyssa went to the Broadacres Park on North Boulevard, Houston, Texas, on February 16th, to take a photo session with her daughter for her first year of age.

But, what was supposed to be a pleasant experience became a bad time for the woman and her family, after a neighbor tried to prevent the capture of the photographs. The venue is popular for serving as a setting for photos, which has caused differences between residents and visitors.

This time, Franci Neely, a white millionaire, and ex-wife of the ex-owner of the Astros baseball team, Jim Crane, harassed the parents for allegedly obstructing one of the paths of the recreational space to take the photos.

Alyssa's husband, Isaiah, recorded with his cell phone part of the altercation in which he shows Neely, with her dog in her arms, questioning the family because he was "trampling the grass for which we pay."

The confrontation escalates to the point that the socialite tries to snatch the cell phone from the father for recording it. In one part of the clip, the resident is seen removing a sheet from the girl who was part of the set. In another moment of the video, the little girl is heard crying.

The Houston socialite later apologized, saying in a statement:

“I apologize from the bottom of my heart," she says in the YouTube post in which she recognizes that she let herself be carried away by emotions. "To my family, friends, and citizens of Houston, I ask you to forgive me and understand me. I love Houston and I ask that we join together to heal together," she adds.

But media users do not forgive her, and some of them consider that with the possibility of a lawsuit against the millionaire, they estimated a financially promising future for the girl.

The City also agreed with the family by indicating, in a statement, that the sidewalks are public property, despite the fact that the residents' association is fighting for control of the space.

"The Broadacres esplanades are a public part of the city of Houston with a right-of-way," the authorities say, "The Association of Residents of Broadacres can’t block the esplanades for public use. Anyone who has any concern about people blocking a right-of-way can contact 311."

In a similar story, a senior white woman in Indiana was arrested after she defaced her new neighbors’ home and left behind a racist letter threatening their black child, the police revealed.

63-year-old Deborah Cantwell from Greentown was booked after a man reported to sheriff deputies in Howard County that his family’s newly-purchased home had been toilet-papered and a racist note left behind. That was on October 13. The man’s family had yet to move into their Greentown home, and he stopped by the house around midnight on his way from work.

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