Groomer Cruelly Grabbed Service Dog's Tail Because She Wouldn't Sit Still & It Had to Be Amputated

James Cordell Suthann, a 37-year-old groomer of Satellite Beach, Florida, was arrested after mistreating an eight-year-old service dog while doing his job.

The incident took place on February 6 in Groomingdales Pet Spa in Jackson Avenue, where Cordell used to work. It was all recorded in the pet shop’s CCTV cameras, and authorities used the footage as evidence.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey, who personally took Cordell to jail, explained what happened. The groomer couldn’t get the German Shepherd named TT to stay quiet, so he forcibly grabbed the dog by his tail.


If that wasn’t bad enough, Cordell swang TT off the ground and twisted his tail 360 degrees. Finally, the man used a hose nozzle to hit the dog in the back of his head.

The video was so shocking that Ivey opted for not sharing it on social media. About it, he said:

“I tell you that it is one of the most difficult things I have ever had to watch in my 39 years of law enforcement because of the horrific and cruel way the pet was treated.”

The damage in TT’s tail was so severe that vets’ only choice was to amputate it. Ivey took to Facebook to share a photo of the scar the dog got next to the moment he and Chief Jeff Pearson were taking Cordell into the jail.


Ivey pointed out that TT was a service dog whose owner was a disabled veteran who suffers from PTSD. Cordell was arrested for felony cruelty to animals and taken to the Brevard County Jail. The video may disturb some people.

“Unfortunately, the maximum bond that could be placed on Suthann was $2,000.00, because they don’t let me personally set the bond amounts for criminals like this guy!!” set clear Ivey.

Apart from that, the sheriff said that owners of Groomingdales Pet Spa didn’t know that Cordell was capable of such a crime and, as soon as they were informed about what happened, they took the “immediate and appropriate” decision of firing him. Ivey made sure to emphasize that if someone in Brevard County hurt an animal, he would walk them into the jail “and slam the door behind you.”

Phyllis Luca mistreating a dog at the Happy Pet Spa | Source: Facebook/Yahoo News

Phyllis Luca mistreating a dog at the Happy Pet Spa | Source: Facebook/Yahoo News


Unfortunately, it is not the first time that a groomer attacks a dog. Phyllis Luca, owner of the Happy Pet Spa in Venice, Florida, was grooming and combing a dog but suddenly started choking and yelling at him. The shocking footage was recorded by Briana Brady, an ex-employee of the place.

Brady reported the case to the Sarasota County sheriff's office and said, "I've been crying non-stop, it just breaks my heart to see someone mistreat an animal that way."

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