Trump Reportedly Watched the Super Bowl with Ex-Owner of Spa Linked to Robert Kraft Arrest

Donald Trump is photographed with the woman who reportedly owns the spa where NFL team owner Robert Kraft allegedly solicited sexual services. They were together at the Super Bowl watch party hosted by the president.

It’s clear as day that Donald Trump knows the woman who allegedly owns the controversial spa connected to England Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s arrest. 

Li Yang, the supposed owner of Florida’s Orchids of Day Spa shared a selfie from a party hosted by Trump at his golf club during the Super Bowl finals. In the pic were Yang and Trump along with an identified woman. They were watching the championship game between the Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams where the former which Trump supports came out victorious. 


The photo emerged on Friday, weeks after the arrest of Kraft for prostitution charges. Video surveillance at Yang’s spa proved the 77-year-old billionaire engaged in sex twice during the NFL playoffs. One of the clips was taken on January 20 when the Patriots won against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship.  A spokesperson for the accused businessman has since denied the allegations. He has reportedly hired a legal dream team to prove his innocence and pled guilty to the two-count sexual misdemeanor charge.


Meanwhile, Yang, who reportedly owns a chain of Tokyo Day Spas in Florida was not charged in the case. She denied owning Orchids of Day Spa at present claiming she sold it a long time ago. Ten other spas were linked to the sex-trafficking scandal which resulted to Kraft’s arrest, along with around 300 men discovered to have engaged in prostitution in these spas. 

Trump has yet to respond to his connection to Yang who in the past has visited the White House. She attended the Oval Office’s celebration of the Lunar New Year and was back in February for an Asian American and Pacific Islander event. She also donated funds for Trump’s victorious win during the presidential elections.

Following Kraft’s arrest, Trump spoke a minimum only to express his surprise and that the team-owner “proclaimed his innocence, totally."


The latest scandal revolving Trump comes in the heels of another controversy involving him paying off Stormy Daniels. The deed was confirmed by his former campaign adviser Michael Cohen in his testimony at a Congressional hearing two weeks ago. Cohen submitted checks as evidence of Trump’s bribery to silence Daniels from speaking about their alleged affair during the presidential campaign. Daniels and Trump reportedly had a sexual relationship months before his son, Baron was born. Cohen also admitted that his former boss told him to lie to his wife, Melania Trump about the affair and the hush money, something he now regrets and apologized to the First Lady for.