89-Year-Old Grandma with Dementia Found on a Trash Dump

A senior woman with Alzheimer's disease of approximately 85 years was found in miserable conditions, sleeping in a garbage dump in Guatemala. Her family was looking for her with despair.

Caring for the elderly is a great responsibility that families have when the years pass, and they can no longer fend for themselves. However, many people abandon their elders, sometimes in atrocious conditions that constitute a terrible act of violence.

Senior woman in despair. | Source: Shutterstock

Senior woman in despair. | Source: Shutterstock

This was the case of a woman of approximately 85 years who was recently found next to the highway of Yepocapa, a town located in the south of Guatemala.

The grandma, who was lying on the ground among the debris, was rescued by the firemen of Parramos, who proceeded to transfer her to the hospital of Chimaltenango.

When questioned by firefighters during the journey, the lady was unable to remember where she lives or with whom. She could only remember her name, Mercedes, and the name of her husband, Juan Zacarías.

First reports indicated that Mrs. Mercedes had said that her family left her in the dumpster. This story quickly went viral. However, the truth turned out to be another.

According to Facebook users familiar with the case, the lady, who has Alzheimer's disease (or senile dementia, according to other versions) escaped from her family's home, wandering until she got lost and reached the garbage dump.

A subsequent report of Missing Women Alert revealed that the lady’s full name is Mercedes Gloria Zamora Barrios and that she is 89 years old.

"#URGENT WE NEED TO FIND THE FAMILY. A lady, approximately 85 years old, was located on the road to #SanPedroYepocapa. She does not remember anything, only that her name is Mercedes and her husband, Juan Zacarías. They moved her to the #Chimaltenango Hospital # EntreTodosVemosMás."

Facebook users indicate that Mrs. Mercedes is already back with her family.

According to the World Health Organization, the figures are alarming: it is estimated that at least 1 in 10 elderly in the world has suffered some form of abuse, either by their family or the people responsible for their care in medical institutions.

Elderly couple at home. | Source: Shutterstock

Elderly couple at home. | Source: Shutterstock

Such was the case of Jerry Ellingsen, who was found alone and not knowing where he was or even whom he was in the middle of the organized chaos at Denver’s airport. The man, police later found out, had been abandoned by his family.

An employee from United Airlines found Jerry standing alone with a dog on his arms near the exit door outside the ticket counter. She called the police and explained the situation, telling them she believed Jerry had Alzheimer.

Airport waiting room. | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Airport waiting room. | Source: Wikimedia Commons

When asked by officers, the man had no idea where he was or why he was there. Police tracked down the woman who had checked him into his flight: his daughter, Pamela Roth.

After being contacted by United, Pamela reportedly said that she was “done with her father,” and that she didn’t want to be contacted again.

Not knowing what else to do, police ended up taking Jerry to the University of Colorado Hospital. There, he spent six months before being transferred to another facility, but privacy laws prohibit hospital officials from releasing information about where he went.

Every year hundreds of patients with Alzheimer are left to their own devices by family members that had “enough” of them. They hit a wall in dealing with their sick loved ones, and not knowing what do, they prefer to take them to a nursing home, or sending them to another family member.

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