Remember This 'A Different World' Actress? She Has Two Beautiful Daughters Who Look Just like Her

This "A Different Strokes" actress has two daughters who share her looks, personality, and even her talents. Learn more about them in images from her social media. 

Brave and Hero are the names of two daughters of a famous star who made waves in the 90s as no-nonsense character Freddie cracking up viewers in the show “A Different World.” Today, while juggling a multi-faceted career, she’s also a funky mom whose kids are just as fearless as her. 


Cree Summer is an actress, singer, and voice over artist, but she’s also a mother to two adorable girls. Just scroll through her social media and you’ll see lots of photos and clips of them there.  

Brave is 8, Hero is 6 and both are “fearless” according to their mother in a 2016 interview. She would often refer to them as “savages” in her posts and the three of them together as “freaks.” 


“They are so blazingly individual and they teach me so much everyday,” she told the publication. “My job now is to maintain their fearlessness.”

“I don’t want them to get to that point where they are embarrassed or scared of everything.”

Proof of Cree’s rearing is in the photo below. Check out the two girls who share her looks and exude confidence while expressing their individuality. Thanks to their “mama” who leads her “savages” by example.

Here ‘s another photo from early this year. Look how adorable little Hero is blowing a kiss in the wind. 


By the way, these kids don’t just have strong personalities, but they also share their mother’s distinct talent as a voice artist. 

A few years back, both girls whose father is Cree’s husband Angelo Pullen debuted their voice-over skills in Disney Jr.’s “Vamprina.” Stage mom Cree revealed how proud she was of her daughters’ accomplishment. She shared a clip of their first day in the studio and captioned it, 

“THE SAVAGES doing their very first voice over job for Vampirina on Disney Jr. #proudmama

Apart from sharing her love for voicing characters with her girls, Cree also bonds with them through her real passion, singing. Last year, the former recording artist showcased her children’s talent sharing a clip of the three of them singing David Bowie’s “Magic Dance.” Wearing her signature hat, Cree sat on a couch with Hero on her lap while Brave lounged beside them. Their voice blended as they playfully sang the theme from “Labyrinth.”

Cree’s influence on her girls is undeniable. And so is the attention she gives them. What a beautiful and unique family they are. 

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