Remember Comedian B.D. Freeman? He Had a Food Addiction but Lost over 200 Lbs & Looks Incredible

Monica Otayza
Apr 26, 2019
05:59 P.M.

If there's one person who is living proof that it is possible to lose a whole lot of weight if you put your heart and mind to it, it's B.D. Freeman.


B.D. Freeman has been a staple in VH1's popular programs, appearing in show ssuch as "I Love the 2000s," "Black to the Future," and "100 Greatest Artists of All Time." Thanks to these shows, he has become a staple face in the network.

However, while his career grew, so did his health complications. This interfered with his career, and he decided to finally do something about it before it got worse.


According to B.D. who spoke to Black Doctor about the matter,

“There’s no way to keep up with this schedule and have a personal life with the weight—there’s just no way to sustain it.”

His "rebirth"

He also said that he sees his new and improved lifestyle as his "rebirth." After all, his previous lifestyle included doing stand-up comedy while being on the road and performing every single night. Once his performances were done, he would look for something to eat in fastfood joints. This was his regular routine for about a decade, weighing over 400 pounds.


However, at one point, his body finally gave up on him. His wife would have to walk him to the house and help him undress, because his joints would be painful and inflamed.


"I went to the doctor and it turned out that I was carrying so much weight that it was sitting on a cluster of nerves and had actually cut them off; at that point, it became a matter of I didn’t lose the weight in a matter of six weeks or so… I was even in a wheelchair."

B.D.'s drastic change

After realizing he had to do something drastic about his weight, B.D.'s doctor suggested doing "The Wrap," which is a less invasive surgery that had his weight falling off him.


He also had to control his diet, as aside from his after-gig fast food meals, he would often buy junk and hide it from his wife every night, too. To him, his addiction to junk food was like being addicted to drugs.

"When I had the surgery, my life changed and I went through a mourning process. I cried for three days straight and I had no idea why but I figured out I was mourning the loss of that “friend.” Like an alcoholic or drug addict, I had to “dry out”; I had to go through withdrawal from all those years of eating that way."

Now that he's in better shape, he hopes to remain this healthy so that he gets to continue doing what he loves to do, which is making other people happy.

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