‘Blue Bloods’ Ending Stuns Fans with a Dramatic Plot Twist

Jaimie-lee Prince
May 08, 2019
12:45 P.M.
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In an episode titled "Identity," a stunning ending blindsided fans of "Blue Bloods" as their favorite detectives tried to solve a case involving twins. 


As they anticipate the wedding between Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko, fans were treated to one of the most shocking episodes yet of the crime drama television show. 

Twin brothers Steve and Seth were the main suspects in the murder of a woman named Jessica. Detectives Danny Reagan, played by Donnie Wahlberg, and Maria Baez, played Marisa Ramirez, pursued the case.


In their investigation, the pair found that the twins were both somehow involved through the use of DNA evidence. However, the identical pair also had the same alibi. 

Jessica, who was stabbed with a knife, had been intimate with both brothers. She was primarily involved with Steve though, who bizarrely allowed his brother Seth to sleep with her as well.  


Upon the realization that Jessica had a genuine liking for Seth, the detectives believe that Steve became jealous and killed the young woman. Wahlberg and Baez also theorized that Seth covered up his brother's crime. 

They approached the pair with their ideas, pressuring them about the possibility of going to separate prisons. At that, Steve turned to his brother and asked: 

"Come hell or high water?"


His brother agreed by repeating the phrase, and right after he did so, Steve told Seth he loved him before shooting him with a gun. He promptly shot himself right after, leaving Wahlberg, Baez, and viewers in utter disbelief. 

One fan said the show raised the bar with the ending. Others simply had to express how they were not expecting what had happened. We hope upcoming episodes are just as surprising in one way or another.


Another surprise to "Blue Bloods" fans came earlier this year when John Scholssberg, former U.S. President John F Kennedy's only grandson, starred in an episode. 

Scholssberg made his debut in the show's season finale which followed the shocking death of Linda Reagan. The actress chose not to renew her contract, leading the show's writers to kill her off. 


Someone else who's been doing some serious writing is Tom Selleck, the family patriarch of the show who plays Frank Reagan. The actor is working on his autobiography after fans requested that he share more with them. 

A press release from the company that will publish the book, Harper Collin read: 

"Selleck has been careful to balance his stardom with a devotion to family life and privacy. His memoir offers a rare and rewarding look inside that career and that life. Rich with charm, insight, and a surprising dose of self-deprecating humor, this memoir illuminates five decades of Hollywood—and of America."