Billy Zane Was the Handsome Villain from “Titanic,” but He's Changed Significantly

Comfort Omovre
May 14, 2019
01:03 P.M.
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Billy Zane is one actor fans love to hate, he played the handsome villain in "Titanic," and has changed significantly from the man he used to be.


Billy Zane was in Hollywood for over a decade before he got the role of a lifetime in the 1997 hit movie "Titanic." 



He played "Caledon ‘Cal' Hockley,' an antagonist, who stood against the love story of the protagonists "Jack and Rose." Zane played the role so well, it earned him an award for "Best Villain " at the "MTV" awards, and it marked him as a villain in Hollywood.

The actor once said on "HuffPost Live" that his role in the movie affected him forever. He said whenever fans see him, they refer to him as "The a****le from Titanic," but a few call him a "Cool dude," and as long as there is a balance between the two, he is not bothered by it.


Despite the name-calling, "The Phantom" actor is proud of his part in the iconic movie, and is honored and flattered that he got to be a part of it.


As lovely as that sentiment is, Zane has not gotten a role in another high profile movie; most of the productions he featured in did not do well at the box office, and the television series he has starred in like "Guilt" and "The Deep End" got canceled after their first season.

The "Deep Calm" actor has also changed a lot physically. The 53-year-old is no longer the fit-looking young man from the "Titanic" with a full head of hair; his recent pictures show that he gained weight and went bald.


The only thing constant is that he still gets to play the villain. Zane also branched into Broadway and movie production and partnered with the restaurant chain "KFC" for a commercial during the launch of their "Georgia Gold Chicken" line.


The actor's most significant role till date remains the one he had in the Oscar-winning movie. Interestingly, Zane is the only main character from the once-highest grossing film whose position was not vied for by someone else.


The lead role almost went to Gwyneth Paltrow and Matthew McConaughey and not Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, but fans can't imagine anyone but the latter two playing it.

"Titanic" stayed in the cinema for almost a year and it turned out that there was a "J. Dawson" on the real ship, and the producer, James Cameron, said it was a coincidence he didn't find out about until the last day of production.

Zane remains a great actor, despite getting stereotyped, and as he advances in age, hopefully, he will be able to shed his villainous skin.