Black Lawyer Responds after Media Gives Kim K. Credit for Freeing 17 Inmates

Monica Otayza
May 13, 2019
05:05 P.M.
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Attorney Brittany K. Barnett has spoken up about Kim Kardashian getting all the credit for freeing 17 inmates when she and another black woman lawyer did all the work to make this happen. While she acknowledged that Kim was able to provide financial assistance to make it happen, it was the two lawyers who pulled through with freeing the inmates. 


Kim Kardashian-West has been all over the news thanks to her hopes of becoming a lawyer in the next couple of years. However, what amazed people is that despite just being a law student, there were articles showing her "freeing" inmates that were detained for low drug charges. 


However, attorney and criminal justice reform advocate Brittany K. Barnett broke her silence and wrote a lengthy Facebook post just to say that she and her colleague, MiAngel Cody, were the ones who freed the inmates through the Buried Alive Project and that Kardashian was a funder. 

"MiAngel Cody and I have BEEN doing this work for FREE. Ask any of our dozens of clients who are now free living their best lives. Both of us left six figure salary jobs and wiped out our own savings accounts to fund our work."

Kim's Assistance

According to Brittany, Kim "linked arms" with the two lawyers through the non-profit project, providing financial assistance when other organizations would not extend a helping hand. 


"Kim linked arms with us to support us when foundations turned us down. We and our clients and their families have a lot of love for her and are deeply grateful for her. In 90 days TWO black women lawyers freed SEVENTEEN people from LIFE W/O PAROLE sentences - the second most severe penalty permitted by law in America. Only two of us. Prosecutors opposed nearly every single case we had."


However, she is disappointed that no credit is being given to the two lawyers who have been working day and night to make sure the inmates are freed. 

"We are ELATED 17 people will not die in prison. We are ELATED 17 families are restored. Instead of negativity about Kim, why don’t y’all reach out and see if the 17 people we helped free need anything. Welcome them home. Give them jobs. Send a care package. Amplify their voices without the sharecropping."

No Bad Blood

While Kim Kardashian never really mentioned the two lawyers in her different social media posts about freeing inmates, Brittany understands that it's not the reality TV star's fault. In fact, she has made it clear that the media is the one that spins the whole story around. 


"Kim has always been very clear in her role. It’s the media that spins it around - not Kim. We do not care how the media is portraying it - that’s what the media does. Who cares. We need Kim’s support and the support of anyone else who wants to join this fight. We love that she is using her platform to raise awareness. We not trying to be famous, we trying to get our people free. Period."