Why Michael Ealy Held a 'Serious Grudge’ Against Chris Rock

While speaking in an interview, Michael Ealy went to great lengths to relate “the worst moment” he has ever had working behind the scenes. 

The actor’s most recent work is “The Intruder” and to promote the film, he had an interview with "Chicago Tribune." It was while he was speaking about his early dealings in the career that he touched the sensitive subject regarding his longtime grudge with Chris Rock. 


The encounter came while Ealy was just a rookie actor. According to him, it was while they filmed the 2002 film, “Bad Company” and Rock, who was already an established actor, did nothing to hide his dislike for Ealy. 

“Chris Rock was a little cold, He was probably at the height of his career at this point, and I idolized him — I had watched all his stuff and thought he was so funny, and I really respected him — but he was just kind of indifferent to me,”  Ealy said.

That, for Ealy, is the worst moment he has had so far in his career. The “Think Like A Man” actor disclosed that he'd just arrived in New York to fulfill his Hollywood dreams and had excitedly taken up the role of Rock’s best man in “Bad Company.”

He wasn't the only rookie present, Kerry Washington, who portrayed the role of Rock’s fiancée in the film, was starting her career as well.

Ealy added:

“We had to do some reshoots for the end of the movie, so they asked me to come back a couple of months later, and we’re doing this wedding scene between Chris and Kerry and I’m the best man. … And right before [director Joel Schumacher] says action, Chris looks over at me and he says: "Oh (pause). Still in the business, huh?” 

Ealy, who had taken up a part-time job as a waiter, described the rude statement as a “Mike Tyson left hook.” Rock’s seemingly humorous words really hurt the "Think Like A Man: Act Like A Woman" actor who went on to stress that he was sure the star had really meant his words and his feeble attempt to mask his distaste didn't work. 

Ealy, obviously still pent up about the rude encounter, admitted to getting an intense urge to “punch him in the f—— face.” He even went on to call the famous comedian an a** explaining that Rock must have been going through a really rough phase at the time.


As if confirming how demeaning Rock’s statement had been, Kerry Washington, who was also present at the time, came to his rescue. 

“Kerry was like (laughs), "Chris, no." I still love Kerry to this day because she was like, "What’s wrong with you? That was just wrong," Ealy said.

Thankfully, all of that is long gone now as the actor disclosed that he ran into Rock at the 2005 Golden Globes awards where the sterling actor tendered his sincere apologies even going on to say “he was a fan.”