Dr. Dre’s Lookalike Son Curtis Once Revealed Why They Didn't Meet Until He Was 20

What would it feel like to have a son who looks just like you but never got the chance to meet you until after 20 years? Such is the situation that Dr. Dre and his son, Curtis once found themselves. Curtis took time out to open up on the moment he finally met his dad. 

In an interview with XXL Magazine, Curtis answered questions bordering in his career, music, his role in the “Dogg Pound for Life Movie,” as well as auditioning for the “Straight Outta Compton” movie. Most intriguingly, he spoke about his meeting with his father, Dr. Dre.

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Curtis learned that Dr. Dre was his father when he was 12-years-old. Not long after he found out, his foster father, who happened to be his mom’s boyfriend, separated from his mother. From that moment on, that knowledge began to grow on him, and the young boy began to seek out his father. 

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When he turned 15, he started to make efforts to meet Dr. Dre, by first contacting one of his lawyers. Finally, he had a DNA test done after which he met his father for the very first time at 20.


Though he has a famous father, Curtis is not letting all that get to his head as he is trying to make a name for himself. Curtis and Dr. Dre do see and talk about music, life, and their work. The upcoming rapper explained that he was trying to build a career before his famous father came into the picture and that he will continue to do so. 

The young man is willing to earn his fame by himself, though he always sought advice from his father.  


Curtis finds himself in a career path which his father has a legendary status in. He, however, revealed that he'd try and create his legacy or at least continue what Dr. Dre started. Curtis explained to have lots of influence from growing up in Compton and loves rappers Jay-Z, Biggie and members of the Dogg Clan, revealing that he talked about his growing up days and his life in his album, “Product of My D.N.A,” which would be out soon. 

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Curtis is billed to play the role of Dr. Dre in the movie, “Dogg for Life.” The film is awaiting sponsorship, amid rumors of 50 Cent’s involvement. Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger, who are members of the Dogg Pound are also spearheading the film.  

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