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Bride Is in Need for Advice after Teen Daughter Reveals She's Pregnant by Her Soon-To-Be Step-Brother

Pedro Marrero
May 28, 2019
02:50 A.M.
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A wedding always brings surprises, especially when the couple joins their children under one roof to form a single family. Usually, when they are young children, they work a lot in coexistence and the couple, now spouses, often end up adopting the spouse's children.


But there are times when the wedding is overtaken by events that happen and make you even doubt if you should continue with the plans.

This is the case of a woman who shares her case anonymously on Facebook, although she is thought to be American. The woman shares that she has more than a year engaged to her boyfriend and that both have been planning their wedding for all that time.


Two months before the big day, they decided to move in together to their new house, the bride with her 15-year-old daughter and the groom who has a 16-year-old son. Everything was almost ready for the wedding until five days before the scheduled date for the ceremony, the youngsters released a bomb.


Both revealed to their parents that the girl is pregnant and, surprise, the father of the baby is the young man who will become his stepbrother. The mother shares her story in the publication and asks what she should do now if she should suspend the wedding or continue with her plans.


Obviously, the publication has received many different comments. Some of the comments joked with the difficulties of family relationship that are going to be generated when the wedding takes place and that would surely be a good story to explain later to people.


Other comments talked about how common that problem was when putting two teenagers who are not blood relatives in the same house. Others commented that the mother had to educate her daughter better and that the father also had to educate his son.

Some gave her signs of support and told her to go ahead with her plans. Others, on the contrary, urge her to cancel the wedding and to keep the children away from each other after seeking help in family therapy.


Perhaps the most relevant comments have been those of two people who share close cases. One of them shares that several years after their parents were married, their parents were married in turn, turning the kinship into a mess.

Another girl explained that in her school she studied with a girl who also got pregnant with her stepbrother, her parents went ahead with the wedding and now they are engaged and they have two babies.


The situation definitively is not simple, and it requires maturity and commitment to manage everyone’s emotions, especially the two youngsters who will soon become parents and will have a great responsibility in their hands. We hope the mother finds the right choice.

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