Meghan McCain Calls Trump a 'Child' after White House Reportedly Wanted USS McCain ‘out of Sight’ in Japan

Meghan Mccain lashes out at President Trump on Twitter after she discovered that the White House allegedly wanted her father, John McCain’s monument out of view during Trump's visit to Japan.

“The View” co-host was nothing next to amused as she bemoaned the alleged action, calling President Trump “a child.” McCain also added that as Trump is hell-bent on ruining her late father’s legacy, she will always be present to counter him.

Meghan wrote as she retweeted “Wall Street Journal’s” write up on the story. The tweet reads:  

“Trump is a child who will always be deeply threatened by the greatness of my dad's incredible life. There is a lot of criticism of how much I speak about my dad, but nine months since he passed, Trump won’t let him RIP. So I have to stand up for him. It makes my grief unbearable.”

“WSJ” tweeted that President Trump allegedly ordered that the warship named after late Senator John McCain, USS McCain, be taken out of sight as he made his trip to Japan. 

The newspaper made it known that there was an alleged email that instructed the US Navy to take the warship that carries John McCain’s name off the scene while POTUS visited. 

“WSJ” further reported that the order was carried out as McCain’s monument was covered with a tarpaulin, while Trump gave his Memorial Day speech.

Responding to the allegation, President Trump made it known that he wasn’t directly involved in the removal of USS McCain as he went in to say that he wasn’t aware of the development. Trump wrote on Twitter saying:

“I was not informed about anything having to do with the Navy Ship USS John S. McCain during my recent visit to Japan. Nevertheless, @FLOTUS and I loved being with our great Military Men and Women - what a spectacular job they do!”

It is common knowledge that while Senator McCain was alive, he and President Trump did not get along. The duo have a long-standing feud that dates back to the ‘90s. POTUS constantly directed accusations at McCain as well as calling him names.

He once outrightly stated that he isn’t a fan of McCain going on to call the senator “horrible.” Trump said:

“What he did to the Republican Party and to the nation, and to sick people that could have had great health care was not good. So I'm not a fan of John McCain, and that's fine.”  

After the politician’s death in 2018, the president faced some criticism for not following protocols in honoring McCain after his death.