Father and Daughter Recreate His Heartwarming Graduation Photo for Her Special Day 18 Years Later

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 02, 2019
11:18 A.M.
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Tori Roach and her father recreated his sweet graduation photo and people can’t stop gushing over it.


The 19-year-old fresh graduate uploaded a photo on Twitter showing her father holding and kissing her during his graduation day. Another photo shows her father holding and kissing her at her graduation.


“18 years later,” she captioned the heartwarming throwback photo which amassed 175,000 likes and got shared 67,000 times in just three days.

Roach recently graduated from Huntsville High School in Texas. She lives with her father Dennis Roach and her stepmother Jamie Roach.

With many Twitter users admiring her father and asking whether he was single, Roach sent out a follow-up tweet, “For everyone asking, yes this is my dad, he’s 37, and no he isn’t single. I have another sibling on the way.”

“I woke up and I had a ton of notifications … People had started sharing and liking and commenting all over again."



In an interview with PEOPLE, Roach said she did not expect that the post would go viral.  

“I’m from a small town and nothing like that ever happens over here,” she said. “I didn’t expect it to blow up like that! Once it started happening, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ I called my family and I was like, ‘Everyone’s sharing the pictures!’”  

She continued, “I woke up and I had a ton of notifications … People had started sharing and liking and commenting all over again. My dad was really proud. We’re from a small town, so nothing like this really ever happens. And he was like, ‘That’s so cool!’”


She said that her family was looking for her baby pictures to display at her graduation party when they found the old photo.

Her aunt suggested that she and her father recreate the photo. And it proved to be awe-inspiring.


This heartwarming post calls to mind another touching moment when a stepfather picked up his little girl for a special father-daughter date.

Hayley Terry posted a video of her daughter, Sophie, going out on a daughter-father date with her stepfather.


She wrote that on their first "date night" together, the loving father wanted to show her little girl how she deserves to be treated.