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Quinn Cummings of 'The Goodbye Girl' Says Abuse Stories 'Aren’t News to Women in Hollywood'

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jun 04, 2019
05:16 P.M.
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Quinn Cummings grew up in and around Hollywood, a place where there were always whispers and murmurs about the darkness going on in the industry, but no one spoke out.


Cummings, best known for her role on 1977's "Goodbye Girl," wrote an essay to Esquire magazine about her life as an actress in a male-dominated industry. 

In light of the #MeToo movement and all the alleged and convicted sexual predators that have been taken down with it, Cummings addressed the alleged well-known occurrences of such patterns and behaviors.

She began with a story of when she was a young girl. Her mother had a friend who she called "David" in her essay. David was a talent manager. He was well-to-do, and Cummings often got lucky enough to enjoy his pool.

Quinn Cummings, actress and writer | Photo: YouTube/ Penguin Books USA


David was smart and charming, and he would sometimes have male clients at his house, "so as to be available for work." What Cummings found odd were the shirtless portraits of the boys that hung up on his walls. 

Cummings' mother also found it odd. "It's weird, right? Isn't it? I don't know. Maybe," the conversations about the portraits would go. There were less than a handful of discussions. They usually ended when mom remembered it was her friend they were speaking of.

The woman could not fathom that "David was any type of "sex fiend." He didn't look like it, nor did he act the part. "A real predator wouldn’t be our friend, telling amusing stories and asking if we wanted another soda," Cummings wrote. 


From then to now, Cummings reminded us that "darkness in Hollywood" has continuously been "systematically swept under the rug, or even worse, normalized." Think of casting couch jokes, she suggested. 

Harvey Weinstein attends a court session | Photo: Getty Images


As a teenager, Cummings' mother was warned never to leave her daughter alone with the star of a particular show she appeared in. In a more explicit incident, Cummings related the story of a director who masturbated on a friend of hers. 

According to Cummings, the job of women in the industry "was to smile and stay quiet." These days though, more women are doing the opposite, yet Cummings says they're still not out of the ballpark. 

Over the years, women have "whispered but they didn't speak out." If they do, there's always the counterargument that "they went voluntarily to his hotel room; what did they expect?" 


Yes, people like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and "that guy from Amazon resigned," but what about those like "David?" Cummings asserts that "the same women who spoke among themselves about Harvey, about Terry, also speak about well-known actors who are not quite the loving family men their publicists would have you believe."

Bill Cosby, fallen actor | Photo: Getty Images


It's still a gray area, the actress says, and people may not be as supportive based on who is outed. "The fact remains, you can like someone very much and they can still be capable of terrible things," Cummings concluded.

In a follow-up interview, she addressed the parents' place in the whole thing. Unlike her mother, there are others "willing to look away to let things happen" in that small window that child actors have for success.

More "heartbreaking" to Cummings is how parents agree to have their child do one-on-one meetings with supposed industry gurus. Ultimately, many children's dreams were obliterated due to what went on.


In a related situation, some people did not know what was going on due to being drugged, as was the case with Bill Cosby's alleged victims. The former "America's Dad" most recently appealed his sentence by alleging racial bias. 

His representative posted a lengthy Instagram message alleging that the judge who handled his case showed "disgust and prejudice" to the 81-year-old.

In April, the former actor signed an appeal in hopes of overturning his three to 10 years sentence handed down last September. Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault of Andrea Constand but has always pled innocent.