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Patrick Swayze’s Biggest Regret Revealed by His Close Friend Frank Whiteley

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jun 06, 2019
06:29 P.M.
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Patrick Swayze lived his life to the fullest. He excelled in his career and whatever else he chose to pursue. Still, there was one thing he never achieved. 


Patrick Swayze was a heartthrob throughout the 80s and 90s, but he was a married man as well. An interview with his friend and former bodyguard Frank Whiteley revealed that he was totally enraptured by his love, Lisa Niemi. 

Speaking to Closer Weekly, Whiteley professed that "Buddy (Swayze) loved that woman more than life itself." The couple got married in 1975 and was together for 34 years until the star's death in 2009. 

Patrick Swayze in his younger years | Photo: Getty Images


According to Whiteley, Swayze was an "adrenaline junkie" who did everything with his greatest effort. And he loved doing new things. "His sense of adventure was always there," his old friend said. 

Swayze was also focused not only on having fun but on having a fulfilling life. Whiteley said: 

"He would talk about his purpose in life. Acting was touching people's lives, but he felt there was a bigger purpose for him." 

Patrick Swayze sits on his Hollywood Walk of Fame star | Photo: Getty Images


One of those, in Swayze's mind, was to be a father. "I was born to be a dad," he allegedly once again. Swayze and his wife did try to have children but, sadly, in 1990, Niemi miscarried. 

The heartbreak left the couple in despair, and they reportedly stopped trying for a while. When they picked their attempts back up, Niemi never had any children. 

Before his eventual death, Swayze suffered other losses. His father's death in 1982 led him to excessive drinking. In 1994, his sister Vicky committed suicide, compelling Swayze to turn his life around and stop drinking.

The late Patrick Swayze with his wife Lisa Niemi | Photo: Getty Images


Unfortunately, he couldn't keep up his sobriety. He began drinking again ten years later. Whiteley's belief is that it was because of not being able to have a child. 

Additionally, Swayze and Niemi were having marital issues and separated. After he died, Niemi admitted to "Woman Magazine" her biggest regret with Swayze: not telling him she loved him enough times. 

Although the two would always tell each other "I love you" when the other left the room, Niemi felt she still hadn't done it enough when her husband was alive.

The late Patrick Swayze and his wife Lisa Niemi | Photo: Getty Images


The pair reconciled some years before Swayze got sick and Swayze's brother helped him to overcome his drinking habits by riding bikes "until the urge went away."

In his memoirs, "The Time Of My Life," Swayze addressed his desire to be a father and the loss he and his wife suffered. As reported by Zimbio, he wrote: 

 "I couldn't wait to become a dad, to have a child with this woman I loved so dearly. And I wanted to be the best father I could be, the kind of father my dad had been to me. I felt completely crushed with grief."

The late Patrick Swayze, actor | Photo: Getty Images

Still, Swayze was on the up and up until his pancreatic cancer diagnosis in 2008. He had been working on A&E's "The Beast" while he underwent chemotherapy. In the end, he was thankful for the life he was able to enjoy, and will always be remembered by those who knew him.