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Despite Divorce, Patti LaBelle Celebrated Ex-Husband's Birthday

Monica Otayza
Jun 15, 2019
02:03 A.M.
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The Godmother of Soul, Patti LaBelle, celebrated her ex-husband's birthday with her grandchildren and daughter-in-law. It was the first time in years that the former couple was spotted together again after getting a divorce almost two decades ago. 


Patti LaBelle was spotted spending time with her son Zuri, her daughter-in-law Lona, and their granddaughters, Gia and Leyla, to celebrate her ex-husband Armstead Edwards' birthday. The happy photo all smiled alongside Armstead in their home, something that has not been seen for years. 


"Last week celebrating my Papi's birthday. Love my beautiful grandparents. Happy birthday Grandpa"


The power of grandchildren

Children truly have the power to make everything better. In fact, even for separated couples like Patti and Armstead, they still have the power to bring them together. 

LaBelle and Edwards got married in a simple ceremony in 1969 and were married for more than three decades. They had one son together, Zuri.  


Patti previously revealed that Armstead was first her manager being her husband. In fact, he proposed to her three times before they got married, and she'd always reject it. 

Time to Part Ways 

However, through the years, she realized that there was no man like him, so she ended up proposing to him. Of course, Edwards did not say yes right away after being rejected so many times, so he asked for a few days. In the end, though, he accepted and they ended up getting married. 


Sadly, after 32 years together, their marriage ended in divorce. This was after realizing that they could no longer stand living together. 

"We liked each other from a distance. When you feel that, somebody gotta go. I never hated him, he never hated me," Patti said

The Best of Friends

According to the queen of soul, they never fought in their 32 years of marriage. They both just knew that even though they got along so well, they had to let one another go. 

To this day, they remain the best of friends, and that explains why they are able to celebrate family milestones such as birthdays together despite being divorced. In fact, they even live just a few minutes away from each other, so that when one needs the other, it's easy for them to be together. 


Through the years, Patti LaBelle has been making the most out of the relationships she has here on Earth, regardless of whether or not it's worked well for her. 

Life Lessons 

That's because she's lost too much for her not to care about those she loves. Patti LaBelle opened up about losing two of her sisters to cancer, and what lessons that taught her. 


"Live for your life for today. Love the ones you love but let them know you love them. Do it now. Do everything now when it comes to your family.”

A Time of Regret

Patti's eldest sister died of lung cancer, and two years later, she lost another sister to colon cancer. Years later, in 1989, her youngest sister also passed away due to lung cancer. It was her youngest sister's death that filled LaBell with so much regret, because her sister particularly asked her for something, and she wasn't able to give it. 


When she had just returned from one of her tours, her sick sister asked her for an egg sandwich. 

“I told her that I’d make it tomorrow. The next day, I told my aunt to tell her that I’m on my way. And my aunt said, ‘Don’t rush, your sister just passed,’" she shared.

Hoping never to regret anything in her life like this again, she now makes sure to spend time with all those that matter to her, realizing that life is too short to waste. 


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