Melania Trump Reveals She Is 'Excited' to Serve Six More Years as FLOTUS

On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump officially started off his re-election campaign. He hosted a rally in Orlando with the first lady and his vice president by his side.

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were called up on stage in Orlando, Florida by Vice President Mike Pence who had his wife, Karen Pence, right next to him. The crowd went wild with cheers as the Trumps made their way to the stage.

Melania took to the podium first greeting the crowd by saying: “Good evening Orlando.” The audience could be heard chanting “USA! USA!” at the Amway Center.

The first lady continued

“It has been my honor to serve as first lady of this incredible country for the past two years and I’m excited to do it for six more. I’m proud of all that my husband, this administration, and our entire family have done on behalf of the American people in such a short time.”

She added

“He truly loves this country and will continue to work on your behalf as long as he can — all of us will. Thank you all again for being here tonight.”

The crowd was even more enthusiastic with their chants when the first lady introduced her husband. Donald spent around 76-minutes giving his re-election speech.

The president shared with his supporters a number of policies he wished to introduce if he was re-elected in 2020. They included finding a cure for cancer, eradicating AIDS, Mars landings, and healthcare reform, and stronger immigration laws.

The president’s slogan for the past two years has been “Make America Great Again (MAGA).” T-shirts and red caps with the writing in white were made and distributed widely.

However, for his re-election campaign, he slightly changed the message to: “Keep America Great.” He also mentioned one of his biggest opposers, former Vice President Joe Biden.

He mocked Biden by calling him “Sleepy Joe” claimed that the Democratic party was “afflicted with an ideological sickness.”

The president found ways to slam other Democrats during his speech. They included former President Obama and his 2016 election campaign competitor Hillary Clinton.

Donald claimed the country was doing much better than ever before and blamed the media for any negative narratives.

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