Melania Trump Allegedly Never Wanted to Be the First Lady

Melania Trump has faced a lot of criticisms during her time as the FLOTUS, with some alleging that she never wanted to be the first lady.

Melania Trump had developed a thick skin with all the criticisms she has faced ever since her husband, President Donald Trump, decided to run for office, and won.

Although she has settled into her role despite taking months to move into the White House after the inauguration, the First Lady allegedly did not want to take on the office.

According to Vanity Fair, a former adviser to President Trump, Roger Stone, said in 2017 that the FLOTUS never wanted to be one.

Stone said that although Melania asked her husband to run for the most coveted office in the United States because she knew that if he doesn’t, he would be sad, the mother-of-one was not into the idea.

The former adviser recounted that the ex-model said politics was not her thing, but that of her husband and the news outlet reported that Melania’s friends said becoming the FLOTUS was not what she wanted as she never thought it would happen.

It did happen, and the Trumps' matriarch's low public profile, absence from the social scene while she lived in New York, and the fact that she stayed in the background during her husband’s campaign, led her critics to conclude that Melania wants to distance herself from the President Trump’s administration.

Following these assertions, Stephanie Grisham, an enforcer for the Trumps, spoke up in defense of the FLOTUS. Grisham said that those criticizing the former model and calling her a reluctant First Lady are disrespectful and condescending. 

The enforcer added that it was wrong to refer to Melania as such, and asked the media to focus on the work the FLOTUS has been doing since coming into the office, rather than on what she called “Trivial matters.”

What Grisham is referring to is the First Lady’s work with her Be Best awareness campaign aimed at educating the public on child welfare, with a focus on training, empowering, and protecting them.

In her profile on the White House website, the FLOTUS who is the first naturalized citizen to hold that office was described as a humanitarian whose focus is on working with organizations to provide a safer world for children to grow in.

Melania, despite the odds against her, holds an approval rating of 47% according to Fox News poll, and despite the assertion that she does not like her office, the FLOTUS continues to use it as a vehicle to change lives. 

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