Travis Tritt's Daughter Is All Grown up and Following in Her Famous Dad's Footsteps

Famous American country singer, Travis Tritt's daughter is grown and is also now a talented country singer much like her father. Tyler Reese Tritt, Travis’ oldest child, is just a little over 21-years old and is already showing beautiful signs that she is indeed her father's daughter. She has a fantastic voice, and her award-winning star father couldn't be more proud. 


Travis featured the fast-growing beauty on his cover of the classic single, “Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough.”

The award-winning star even made a music video for his and Tyler's version of the song which was initially performed by Patty Smyth and Don Henley’s. That was way back in 2013, and Tyler was just a teenager at the time.

Age is, however, nothing but numbers for Tyler who let her singing talents shine through even as she performed alongside her father. The father-daughter duo's performance elicited so much thrill from fans, and it now boasts of well over 10 million views! 

The song went on to become the lead single off Travis’ album, “The Calm After.” According to reports, the startling country singer had initially thought of collaborating with acclaimed performers like Jennifer Nettles or Wynonna Judd.

He was, however, struck with surprise after he discovered his daughter's impressive vocals while they were on a road trip.


The excellent performance made it hard to believe that the soulful singer was just 15 at the time, but a Simple Most article has revealed that Tyler has been singing since she was little.

That explains her skillful singing that couldn't go unnoticed even though she was singing beside a veteran performer. 

Reports also have it that Tyler released her first official single sometime in 2017. The song titled, “Perfect” marked her first official venture into the music industry. The oldest of Travis’  three children, Tyler has set a rather laudable pace for her younger siblings who are both boys. 


The young beauty has expressed great love and admiration for her father, who the media recognizes as one of America's established country singers. Tyler is never too tired to share photos of the veteran singer on Instagram and has shown off just how close they are. 

While Travis reportedly admitted to being a bit worried about Tyler's venture into the music industry at first, he has now shown her immense support and even thinks that she benefits from his vast knowledge.

That probably hinges off the fact that Travis himself had been about 26-years old when he signed on to Warner Records and released numerous classic hits. 

Much like his daughter, however, he started singing a long time before that. At the age of four, he was already a keen participant in his church's choir and went on to teach himself how to play the guitar. Yeah, you read that right! Travis was mostly self-taught and didn't even go to college.

With such amazing talents like that flowing about his genes, it is no wonder that his daughter is fast carving a niche for herself in the industry. 

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